Armenia`s foreign trade deficit registers decline

 Monday, October 26 2020 16:37:00
Armenia`s foreign trade deficit registers decline

ArmInfo. A more impressive decline in imports than exports reduced the foreign trade deficit of Armenia in January-September 2020 by 23.6% per annum (against an  increase of 0.5% a year earlier against the background of an increase  in exports and imports).

Increase in foreign trade deficit of Armenia slowed down  significantly - to 12.6% in 2019
 Friday, January 31 2020 16:16

ArmInfo. The small prevalence of import growth rates (10.8%) over export (9.4%) sharply has  slowed down the growth of the foreign trade deficit of Armenia in January-  December 2019 compared to January-December 2018 to 12.6%. A year  earlier, in January-December 2018, the foreign trade deficit jumped  by 31.7% per annum against the backdrop of a sharp slowdown in export  growth from 25.2% to 7.8% with a slight slowdown in import growth  from 27.8% to 21.1%.

In Armenia, growth of economic activity accelerated in 2019 to 7.8%  against 5.8% in 2018
 Friday, January 31 2020 14:05

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the growth of economic activity in January- December 2019 has accelerated to 7.8% per annum, against a slowdown in 2018 to 5.8% and 7.7% in 2017.

Revenues of the communications sector of Armenia for 11 months of  2019 increased by 0.9% per annum
 Wednesday, January 15 2020 19:04

ArmInfo.Revenues of the communication field of Armenia in January-November 2019 amounted to 134.3 billion drams, having increased in y-o-y terms by 0.9% (against  growth by 0.8% a year earlier). According to the RA Statistical  Committee, the telecommunications segment, which dominates the  communications sector (90.2%), provided revenue of 121.1 billion  drams, having reduced it by 2.6% per annum (against the growth by  0.5% a year earlier).

During 11 months in 2019 volume of cargo transportation in Armenia  decreased by 50.7% with an increase in passenger traffic by 4.3%
 Wednesday, January 15 2020 18:36

ArmInfo. The volume of cargo transportation in Armenia in January-November 2019 compared to the same period in 2018 decreased by 50.7% - up to 13,272.8 thousand  tons. Of these, 8 707.5 thousand tons (65.6% of the total) accounted  for road transport, which decreased by 61.5% y-o-y. This is evidenced  by the data of the Statistical Committee of RA.

Armenia increased production of all alcoholic beverages in  January-November 2019 
 Wednesday, January 15 2020 18:35

ArmInfo. In January-November 2019, Armenia increased the production of all alcoholic beverages produced in the country, in particular brandy, wine (including  sparkling wine), beer, vodka and whiskey. Whereas a year earlier over  the same period, production growth was registered only in the  production of brandy and beer.

In structure of manufacturing industry of Armenia, textile production  recorded the highest growth
 Wednesday, January 15 2020 18:34

ArmInfo. In January-November 2019, textile production showed the highest growth rates among the segments of the manufacturing industry of Armenia. Thus, according to  the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia, the volume of  textile production has grown 1.7 times year over year for 1.7 fold  (against an increase of 22.4% a year earlier), amounting to 1.2  billion drams.

Armenia`s trade volume with the EAEU keeps growing, while declining  with the EU 
 Wednesday, January 15 2020 14:47

ArmInfo.The y-o-y growth in foreign trade between Armenia and Russia in January-November 2019 slowed to 12.6% from last year's 13.5%, amounting to $ 1.98 billion.   This was triggered by a slowdown in export growth from 19.3% to  10.8%, with accelerating growth of imports - from 10.6% to 13.6%, the  volumes of which amounted to $ 671.5 million and $ 1.3 billion,  respectively. According to the Statistical Committee of the Republic  of Armenia, Russia holds the lead with a large margin.

Statistics: The unemployment rate in Armenia in Q3 of 2019 amounted  to 18%
 Tuesday, January 14 2020 19:54

ArmInfo.The unemployment rate in Armenia, calculated by the new method, increased over the Quarter 3 of 2019 from 17.7% to 18%, against 20.1% a year earlier. According  to the RA Statistical Committee, the new calculation method does not  take into account those employed in the household.

Armenia`s budget continues to be executed with surplus 
 Tuesday, January 14 2020 19:05

ArmInfo.The budget of Armenia was summed up in January- November 2019 with a surplus of 40.2 billion drams ($ 84 million), with a y-o-y growth of 2.8-fold, while  a year earlier a deficit was recorded in the same period (with a  2.7-fold y-o-y decline) . According to the RA Statitical Committee,  the budget revenues of Armenia accelerated the y-o-y growth from 6.2%  to 18.7%, while expenditures turned from the 1.7% decline to 10.5%  growth, amounting to 1.398 trillion and 1.358 trillion drams  respectively.

Armenia`s gross external debt increased by 7.7% per annum by October  1, 2019 - up to $ 11.7 billion
 Tuesday, January 14 2020 17:36

ArmInfo. The gross external debt of Armenia increased by October 1, 2019 by 7.7% per annum or $ 829.8 million - up to $ 11.7 billion (against an increase of 9.5% a  year earlier). 

By December 2019, public debt of Armenia reached $ 7.2 billion, and  external debt exceeded $ 5.6 billion
 Tuesday, January 14 2020 16:58

ArmInfo. By December 1, 2019, the public debt of Armenia reached $ 7.2 billion (3.4 trillion drams), slightly slowing y-o-y growth - from 6.3% to 5.8%, due to a  slowdown in external debt growth to 3.7% and a continuing relatively  high growth in domestic debt - 7.1% (versus 5.9% and 7.7% growth,  respectively, a year earlier). This is happening against the backdrop  of accelerating growth in economic activity in January-November 2019  to 7.5% per annum from 5.7% in January-November 2018.

In 2019, passenger flow at two of airports of Armenia was 10.9%  higher than in 2018
 Friday, January 10 2020 16:06

ArmInfo. In December 2019 two airports of the Republic of Armenia served 238,066 people in total, thus exceeding the indicator of the same month of 2018 by 6%. 

Annual revaluation drama in December 2019 made up 1.3% with inflation  at 0.7%
 Friday, January 10 2020 13:33

ArmInfo. Inflation of needy Armenians in January-December 2019 at 0.7% with revaluation drama at 1.3%, at the time when it was hit by a 1.8% decline in demand 0.3%.

Sales of new cars increase by 10% in Armenia
 Saturday, December 14 2019 14:06

ArmInfo.According to the data of the analytical agency AUTOSTAT, the market volume of new passenger cars of Armenia in the first ten months of this year  increased by 1.9 thousand units. This, as analysts of the agency  note, is 10% more than for the same period last year.

In Armenia, the growth of economic activity accelerated over 10  months of 2019 to 7.1%
 Thursday, December 5 2019 12:25

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the growth of economic activity in January-October 2019 accelerated to 7.1% from 6% for 10 months of 2018, and the main drivers were the  services sector, trade and the industrial sector. According to the  final data of the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia,  only in October 2019 a 4.7% decline was recorded with an annual  growth of 7.7%, while in 2018 the October decline was 5% with an  annual growth of 3%.

In Jan-Nov 2019, Armenia`s consumer market recorded a deflation of  0.5% with y-o-y inflation of 1.5%
 Wednesday, December 4 2019 18:27

ArmInfo. In November 2019, 1.1% inflation was recorded in the consumer market of Armenia, caused by the rise in price of food products by 2.3%, non-food products - by  0.2%, with the same tariffs for services. In the capital, consumer  prices rose 1.1% in November. In January-November 2019, deflation of  0.5% was due to a decrease in the price of food products by 2.4%,  with a rise in price of non-food products by 1.4% and an increase in  tariffs for services by 0.9%.

Ministry of Labor: More than 2 thousand residents of Yeghvard are  looking for work, more than a thousand people are recognized as  unemployed
 Monday, December 2 2019 13:19

ArmInfo. Since the beginning of the year, 75 people have been employed by the Yeghvard Territorial Employment Center, reports the Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Growth of economic activity in Armenia accelerated to 7.1% over 10  months of 2019 
 Tuesday, November 26 2019 16:27

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the growth of economic activity in January-October 2019 accelerated to 7.1% from 6% for 10 months of 2018, and the main drivers were the  services sector, trade and the industrial sector. According to  preliminary data of the Statistical Committee of the Republic of  Armenia, in October 2019 alone a 4.7% decline was recorded with a  y-o-y growth of 7.7%, while in 2018 the October decline was 5% with a  y-o-y growth of 3%.

In January-October 2019, the state budget revenues of Armenia  increased by 20% compared to the same period in 2018
 Tuesday, November 26 2019 12:00

ArmInfo.In January-October 2019, the revenues of the state budget of the Republic of Armenia increased by 20% compared to the same period in 2018 and by 32%  compared to 2017. This was reported by the official page of the  Armenian government on Facebook.  The total amount of tax revenues  and state duties accrued to the state budget in January-October 2019  amounted to 1 trillion 196.7 billion drams. In January-October 2018,  state budget revenues amounted to 1 trillion 1 billion drams, and in  2017 - 907 billion drams.

Deputy Minister: For the 10 months of 2019, 14.500 Chinese citizens  visited Armenia
 Monday, November 25 2019 16:38

ArmInfo. For the 10 months of 2019, 14.500 Chinese citizens visited Armenia. In January-October 2018, 8430 Chinese citizens visited, and 8450 people left for from  Armenia to China. On November 25, introducing the draft agreement on  the abolition of the visa regime between Armenia and China, Deputy  Foreign Minister Avet Adonts said at a meeting of the Foreign  Relations Commission of the National Assembly of the Republic of  Armenia.



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