Statistical Committee of Armenia presented data on alcohol production

 Wednesday, October 7 2020 10:37:00
Statistical Committee of Armenia presented data on alcohol production

ArmInfo.  In January-August  2020, according to the data of the Statistical Committee of the  Republic of Armenia, 21.6 million liters were produced in Armenia.  cognac, which is 12% less than a year ago (against 44.5% growth a  year earlier).

The production of all alcoholic beverages except for whiskey is  growing in Armenia
 Tuesday, November 12 2019 09:57

ArmInfo.. In January-September 2019 Armenia increased the production of all  alcoholic beverages, with the exception of whiskey.

Armenia ranks 3rd in terms of the number of requested certificates  for a permanent residence permit in Georgia
 Monday, November 11 2019 22:32

ArmInfo.  Armenia ranks  third in the number of requested certificates for a permanent  residence permit in Georgia.

In Armenia by October 2019 birth rate decreased by 0.1%, with an  increase in mortality by 2.2% 
 Monday, November 11 2019 14:01

ArmInfo.In Armenia, in January-September 2019, 26.535 children were born. According to the  RA Statistical Committee, the birth rate in the country on an  annualized basis decreased by 0.1%, and in the two-year context - by  4.1%. According to the results of the reporting period, the birth  rate per 1000 inhabitants amounted to 12 ppm, against the same level  a year ago and 12.4 two years earlier.

Statistics: In January-September 2019 the population of Armenia  decreased by 11.7 thousand people.
 Monday, November 11 2019 12:48

ArmInfo. As of October 1,  2019, the population of Armenia amounted to 2.958 million people,  having decreased by 0.4% or 11.7 thousand in annual terms. This is  evidenced by the data of the RA Statcommittee.

The metallurgical industry of Armenia had growth since October 2019
 Thursday, November 7 2019 16:29

ArmInfo. In the 9 months of 2019, the metallurgical industry of Armenia increased production by 12.7% per annum, against an 18.6% decline for the same period of  2018. According to the Statistical Committee of the Republic of  Armenia, in January-September 2019, the production of ferromolybdenum  in Armenia increased by 12.9% compared to the same period of the  previous year, amounting to 5,628.4 tons. In September alone, 668.4  tons of ferromolybdenum were produced, which is 33.9% more than the  August volume.

Output of aluminum foil had positive tendency in Armenia in  January-September 2019
 Thursday, November 7 2019 16:28

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the output of aluminum in January- September 2019 compared to the same period in 2018 increased by 3.3% - up to 23,237 tons, against the  7.4% decline a year earlier.

Electricity generation decreased by 2.2% in January-September 2019
 Thursday, November 7 2019 16:27

ArmInfo.In Armenia in January-2019 electricity generation amounted to 5,650.6 mln kWh, having decreased by 2.2% y-o-y (against growth by 0.5% a year  earlier), but only in September decreased by 8.8% to 642.9 million  kWh.

Statistics: Unemployment rate in Armenia decreased for Q2 of 2019  from 21.9% to 17.7%
 Wednesday, November 6 2019 18:38

ArmInfo. The unemployment  rate in Armenia, calculated by the new methodology, decreased over  the Q2 of 2019 from 21.9% to 17.7%, against 20.2% a year earlier. 

In September 2019, passenger traffic through the airports of Armenia  increased by 16.5%
 Monday, October 21 2019 14:10

ArmInfo. In September of this year, the passenger flow at two airports in Armenia amounted to 324,755 people, exceeding the figure for the same month of 2018 by  16.5%.

Minister of Economy: According to the results of 2019, export from  Armenia will grow by about 7%.
 Monday, October 14 2019 17:51

ArmInfo.By the end of 2019, exports from Armenia will grow by about 7%. Armenian Economy Minister Tigran Khachatryan made such a forecast at a press conference on  October 14, summing up the results of 8 months.

Three programs to increase the birth rate will be launched in Armenia  starting from 2020
 Friday, October 11 2019 18:23

ArmInfo. In 2020, the Armenian  government will allocate additional 5.3 billion AMD (about $ 11  million) to implement three programs aimed at improving the  demographic situation and stimulating immigration and repatriation.  This was announced on October 11 at a press conference by the Deputy  Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Smbat Saiyan.

Statistical Committee: Production of alcoholic beverages grows in  Armenia
 Thursday, October 10 2019 16:38

ArmInfo.In January-August 2019 Armenia registered an increase in the production of all alcoholic beverages, while a year earlier a decline was recorded in  the same period.

In the GDP structure of Armenia, the service sector continues to lead  in terms of growth
 Thursday, October 10 2019 16:37

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the service sector increased volumes in January-August 2019. 15.5% per annum - up to 1.3 trillion drams ($ 2.6 billion), against 18.9%  growth a year earlier. According to the data of the Statistical  Committee of the Republic of Armenia, for August 2019  alone the  volume of services provided amounted to 185.5 billion drams (over $  389.6 million), with monthly growth of only 1.2%.

In January-August 2019, the metallurgical industry of Armenia  launched a trend towards growth
 Thursday, October 10 2019 13:52

ArmInfo.The metallurgical industry of Armenia in January- August 2019 turned the trend upward by 7.4% from the 16.4% decline a year earlier. This is evidenced by  the data of the Statcommittee of the Republic of Armenia.

Freight volume in Armenia in January-August 2019 decreased by 54%  with the growth of passenger transportation by 4.3%
 Thursday, October 10 2019 13:50

ArmInfo. The Freight volume in Armenia in January-August 2019 compared to the same period last year decreased by 54% - up to 8 938.2 thousand tons. Of these, 5  740.3 thousand tons (64.2% of the total) accounted for by road  transport, with a y-o-y decline of 65%. This is evidenced by the data  of the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia.

Revenues of Armenia`s communications sector in January-August 2019  accelerated growth
 Thursday, October 10 2019 13:49

ArmInfo. In January-August 2019, the revenue of the communications sector of Armenia amounted to 97.1 billion drams ($ 201.5 million), increasing by 1.2% year on  year, against the growth by 0.6% a year earlier. According to the RA  Statistical committee, of the total revenue, the lion's share was  provided by the telecommunications sector - 90.4% or 87.8 billion  drams, with a y-o-y decline of 2.6% (against the growth of 0.5% a  year earlier).

Aluminum foil production declines in Armenia
 Thursday, October 10 2019 12:58

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the output of aluminum foil in January- August 2019 compared to the same period in 2018 decreased by 3% - up to 20 635 tons, against a 2.5%  decline a year earlier. According to the RA Statcommittee, the  production of aluminum foil in August amounted to 2,500 tons, with a  monthly decline of 10.6%.

In Armenia, wind and solar power plants significantly increased power  generation
 Thursday, October 10 2019 12:14

ArmInfo. Electricity generation in Armenia in January-August 2019 amounted to 5007.7 million kWh, decreasing by 3.5% year on year (against growth by  1.3%), but only in August increased by 6.9% to 705.3 million kWh.

Armenian industrial sector accelerated annual growth in  January-August 2019 from 4.4% to 9.5%
 Thursday, October 10 2019 12:13

ArmInfo.The volume of industrial production in Armenia in January-August 2019 increased by 9.5% compared to the same period in 2018 (against 4.4% growth a year  earlier), amounting to 1.3 trillion. drams ($ 2.6 billion). According  to the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia, the  acceleration of the upward trend caused a reversal in the direction  of growth in the dynamics of the mining sector and acceleration of  the growth of the manufacturing sector.

Economic activity in Armenia increased by 7% y-o-y in Jan-Aug 2019
 Monday, October 7 2019 20:44

ArmInfo.In Armenia, economic activity in January-August 2019 increased by 7% per annum (almost repeating last year's growth of the same period), against the  background of a 4.6% growth in exports. In August this year versus  August 2018, economic activity increased by 7.6%, and in August 2019  alone- by 7.2%. A year earlier, in January-August 2018, against the  same period of 2017, economic activity increased by 7.7%, in August  compared with August 2017 - by 0.6%, and in August 2018 alone - by  7.9%.



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