CJSC "Lydian Armenia" delayed VAT payment for imported goods for three years
 Thursday, April 20 2017, 14:49

ArmInfo. The Government of Armenia delayed VAT payment for imported goods for three years for "Lydian Armenia", for the period from 14 April 2017 to 31 December 2018. The project was approved during the April 20 Governmental meeting.

Another dispute in Armenia regarding the prospective of refine plant construction
 Friday, February 17 2017, 18:47

ArmInfo. A construction of refining plant is planned in Armenia.  The appropriate investment project is presented at the electronic platform www.investmentprojects.am.

Lydian Armenia invites NGOs to participate in discussions on Amulsar project development
 Thursday, February 2 2017, 17:40

ArmInfo. Extinct plant  species relocated from Amulsar mining field have taken roots in new  environment, member of Public Council, CEO of Lydian Armenia Hayk  Aloyan stated at the session of Public Council under Ministry of  Nature Protection of Armenia held on February 2, the press service of  the Ministry informs. 

Armenian Nature Protection Ministry comes out for implementation of complete isnusance of environmental risks for all the mining sector.
 Tuesday, December 27 2016, 14:00

ArmInfo. Armenian Nature Protection Ministry comes out for implementation of complete isnusance of environmental risks for all the mining sector, Artsvik Minasyan, the Head of the Ministry stated at the resulting press conference on December 27.

Lydian Armenia Executive Director: Amulsar gold deposit  development Project  is insured in conformance to all the international criteria of insurance
 Monday, December 12 2016, 16:04

ArmInfo. The Amulsar gold deposit development project has a complete insurance conforming to al the international criteria, Hayk Aloyan, the Executive Director of Lydian Armenia ( former Geoteam) stated during the  ceremony of signing the Memorandum on mutual understanding in respect to establishing the National park of Djermuk on December 12.

Hayk Aloyan: We want to show that Armenia can have safe and up-to-date mining industry
 Monday, October 3 2016, 13:08

ArmInfo. UK domiciled Lydian International Limited is implementing the largest industrial project in Armenia – Amulsar Gold Project. The company plans US$370 capital investments in the Amulsar Project. The groundbreaking ceremony held in August 2016 marked an important milestone as the company moved to construction activities. Ten years have passed since the launch of the project.  Lydian Armenia (legal successor of Geoteam CJSC) Managing Director Hayk Aloyan believes that those ten years appear to be the hardest for the company. During that period, the company laid foundation based on good international industry practices that require a big number of environmental, social and industrial risk management tools. These commitments are strictly observed, as the Project involves not only private shareholders and international investment funds, but also such authoritative organizations as IFC and EBRD – the company’s institutional investors for whom reputation risks are inadmissible. Hayk Aloyan shares his views about the path passed and the prospects of the Project in an interview with ArmInfo’s economic analyst Emmanuil Mkrtchyan.

Amulsar project groundbreaking event took place in Armenia
 Friday, August 19 2016, 20:14

ArmInfo.On August 19, a Ground-breaking ceremony for Lydian Armenia's Amulsar project took place in the future area of the heap leach facility, at Vayots Dzor Marz of Armenia, according to the press-service of Lydian Armenia company, which develops the deposit. The ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of Armenia Mr. Hovik Abrahamyan, Minister of Energy 
and Natural Resources Levon Yolyan, Minister of Economy Artsvik Minasyan, heads of communities of Jermuk, Gndevaz, Saravan and Gorayk.

Geoteam changes name to Lydian Armenia
 Tuesday, August 16 2016, 11:52

ArmInfo. As Amulsar project proceeds to a new stage of construction the company has taken a decision to rename the fully owned Armenian subsidiary of Lydian International previously called Geoteam to Lydian Armenia.

EBRD to subscribe for 33,500,000 ordinary shares of Lydian International Limited at a price of C$11.39 Million
 Saturday, July 30 2016, 14:40

ArmInfo. Lydian International Limited (TSX:LYD) ("Lydian" or "the Company") has announced that the Board of Directors of the Company approved the terms of a proposed non-brokered private placement (the "Private Placement") of ordinary 
shares of the Company to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the "EBRD") on July 21. Under the terms of the proposed Private Placement, the EBRD will subscribe for an aggregate of 33,500,000 ordinary shares of the Company at a price of C$0.34 per share, for aggregate gross proceeds of C$11,390,000. The funds will be used to finance the Environmental and Social Mitigation Measures (ESMM) undertaken as part of the Amulsar Gold Project in Armenia. 

Geoteam CJSC is sure that mining industry is compatible with agriculture and small business
 Monday, June 27 2016, 17:46

ArmInfo. Geoteam CJSC (affiliate of Lydian International LLC) licensed for Amulsar gold deposit development, is sure that mining industry is quite compatible with 
agricultural activities. The company's representatives demonstrate in practice that it is possible to maintain soil fertility and develop small business on the territory of Amulsar project implementation. 

EBRD plans to invest up to CAD 10.5 million to purchase Lydian International`s shares as part of its capital increase
 Tuesday, June 7 2016, 11:07

ArmInfo. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) plans to invest up to CAD 10.5 million to purchase Lydian International's shares as part of its capital increase. The funds will be used to finance the Environmental and Social Mitigation Measures (ESMM) undertaken as part of the Amulsar Gold Project in Armenia.

Geoteam CJSC published amended Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
 Friday, June 3 2016, 17:43

ArmInfo.  As of today we have a project which received positive expert opinion from the Armenia's Ministry of Nature Protection and we are ready to launch construction activities", Senior Manager on Sustainable Development at Geoteam CJSC Armen Stepanyan told journalists during the presentation of the International Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the Amulsar program, which knows no equals on the territory of Armenia. 

Lydian International: financing package of Amulsar program is approved. Construction will launch in upcoming months
 Saturday, May 21 2016, 12:59

ArmInfo.Prime Minister of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan received on May 21 Howard Stevenson, President and CEO of Lydian International British company, which implements the Amulsar project. As the press-service of the government informs the prime minister mentioned the importance of the implementation of such a large foreign investment program in the country, which will lead to development of mining industry and economic growth. According to him the mining sector is under spotlight of the government. At the same time Abrahamyan mentioned that the government intends to provide necessary assistance to the enterprises of the field taking into consideration drop of prices on the international market. 

Geoteam: Canadian experience in mining industry is exceptionally important for us
 Monday, March 14 2016, 18:22

ArmInfo. Canadian experience in the field of mining industry is exceptionally important for the mining enterprises of Armenia, Hayk Aloyan, Managing Director of Geoteam CJSC, told journalists at the Armenian-Canadian business-forum on March 14.

IFC has proposed to invest 40 million USD in Amulsar construction financing arrangement
 Thursday, February 11 2016, 20:12

ArmInfo.  Lydian International Limited (100% owner of Geoteam CJSC) has announced that International Finance Corporation (IFC) has proposed to invest 40 million USD in the Amulsar construction financing arrangement. 

Minister: Investment project of Amulsar mine development to be launched in spring 2016
 Thursday, December 3 2015, 16:15

ArmInfo. Lydian International Ltd (UK) has signed a $325 mln agreement with the financial and investment funds to finance the development of the Amulsar gold mine in Armenia, Armenian Minister of Economy Karen Chshmarityan said before the Government's meeting on Thursday.

"Lydian International": Possible Environmental and Social Impacts of Amulsar Gold Project
 Friday, July 24 2015, 16:48

On July 23 British-Canadian "Lydian International" and its Armenian subsidiary "Geoteam" CJSC presented the results of the environmental and social impact assessment of the Amulsar Gold Project implementation. Along with several other expert consultants Wardell Armstrong International Ltd, an independent British consulting company undertook the assessment in compliance with the standards of the International Finance Corporation and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. To note, IFC and EBRD are "Lydian International" shareholders.

Anelik Bank is revising its strategy, with more emphasis on retail
 Friday, December 20 2013, 18:16
ArmInfo. This autumn one of the oldest banks of Armenia, Anelik Bank, changed its shareholders, with all of its shares having been acquired by the well-known CreditBank from Lebanon. This was followed by changes in the bank’s management. As a result, Nerses Karamanykyan, former head of Ardshini

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