Tuesday, December 13 2016 19:04
Alina Hovhannisyan

Ameriabank and Best Card announce issue of AYO-Visa co-branded cards and launch of 20% cashback- program

Ameriabank and Best Card announce issue of AYO-Visa co-branded cards  and launch of 20% cashback- program

ArmInfo. Ameriabank within  strategic development of retail business jointly with Best Card  company launches cashback program for individuals giving them 20%  cashback from non-cash payments, Director Retail Banking of  Ameriabank Arman Barseghyan stated at the joint press conference of  Ameriabank and Best Card on December 13. 

He added that within the joint program AYO-Visa Classic and Visa Gold  co-branded cards will be issued for online purchases and making  transactions both in Armenia and abroad. Barseghyan informed that AYO  cardholders will be also given an opportunity of opening credit line  on the terms of lending set by Ameriabank. All the cardholders of  Ameriabank except holders of gift cards and business cards can enjoy  benefits offered by AYO. 

Answering to ArmInfo's reporter's question Barseghyan noted that next  year due to joint program with Best Card and other scheduled events  the bank will manage to increase the number of cards by 20% or by 25  thousand, which is a serious indicator. 

Director General of Best Card Marina Dallakyan in turn added that  compared to similar programs offered on the market AYO program  provides the largest partner network from trade centers to car  dealerships, which will be gradually enlarged. "We are already  receiving various offers for cooperation", she noted. As an  additional advantage of the program Dallakyan noted that a special  insurance package was developed for all the cardholders within  cooperation with Rosgosstrakh-Armenia. "By becoming owner of AYO card  cardholder gets insurance automatically", she noted.

One can get co-branded cards in branches of Ameriabank as well as in  Yerevan Mall and Russia Mall. Both Armenia's residents and  non-residents elder then 18, can become cardholders. If they want to  get a loan as well their age should be at least 21. The term of the  AYO cards is 2 years. One can get detailed information on  www.ayocard.am 

According to ArmInfo's Analytical Review "Armenian Banks in Card  Business", the number of active cards of Ameriabank made up 70 thsd  by April 1 2016, 71% or 50 thsd of which are Visa cards with 12%  y-o-y growth. The bank is in top 5 by the number of Visa cards.  The  bank is among top 5 also by the number of card transactions-112 bln  drams for 2015 (with 11.7% y-o-y growth), 76 bln drams of which are  ATM transactions (with 10% y-o-y growth). The bank holds the 5th  place by the number of ATMs (112 as of April 1 2016, 86 of which in  Yerevan) and the 3rd place by the number of own POS-terminals-951.   Ameriabank issues and serves not only ArCa local cards but also  international Visa and MasterCard. 

To note, Ameriabank CJSC is a universal bank offering corporate,  investment and retail banking services in a comprehensive package of  banking solutions. Ameria Group CY Ltd.-79.3% and EBRD-20.7% are the  shareholders of the Bank.


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