Monday, April 10 2017 13:38
Naira Badalian

Brandy festival in Tsakhkadzor promises to become not only cultural , but also unprecedented business event

Brandy festival in Tsakhkadzor promises to become not only cultural ,  but also unprecedented business event

ArmInfo. "Festival tourism in  Armenia is at the stage of forming, and tour operators apply strong  efforts to attract tourists. Nevertheless, we think that Brandy  Festival, which will be held on May 7 at one of the tourist centers  of the country Tsakhkadzor, is the best occasion to develop incoming  tourism in Armenia", Svetlana Simonyan, Executive director of  Air-Caucasus tourist agency stated during the conversation with  journalists on April 10.

Brandy Festival will be held in Armenia for the first time. 25  thousand guests are expected to attend the event. According to Armine  Khachatryan, the director of Tourism Development Fund in Armenia over  30 brandy producing companies will participate the unprecedented  event. Within the framework of the festival Armenian chocolate and  dried fruit will be presented in special pavilions at the central  square. "All the conditions are set for the producers to participate  the Festival. Besides advertising goals, the sale of the presented  production is also arranged", Khachatryan noted.

Targeted market of Armenian tourist product of this festival is  Russia "We look forward seeing many tourists from Russian in the  Festival. We plan that during May holidays the number of Russian  tourists will increase", Khachatryan stated, adding that the  invitations are directed to the Presidential Administration and the  head of Russian Government and is expected that Russian side will be  presented at high level.  The festival's organizers arranged very  interesting and various concert program. As the representative of the  Fund assured, the attendants are expected to see many surprises  during the festival. Musicians will play, sing at a special stage for  the tourists all day long. Many stars from Comedy Club also confirmed  their participation to the festival.

According to Armine Khachatryan, the festival holding place is  elected not by accident. "Tsakhkadzor is the most well-known Armenian  winter resort. And, despite it will be May outside, we want to show  that the resort town with its developed tourist infrastructure  remains actual for having rest also during that period.  Besides, the  town is located not far from such resort zones as Dilijan and  Djermuk", Khahatryan explained.

Within the framework of the festival promo videos are planned to be  shot, demonstrating Armenian tour product. They also are directed to  Russian market. Relevant billboards are already prepared which will  be placed throughout the country. As the festival organizer noted, as  the festival is being arranged for the first time, they do not have  time physically to work in the direction of other markets but  Russian, but they cooperate with French city Cognac, where they  already have experience on passing this type of festivals.

What is to financial support of the event, Armine Khachatryan did not  remove the parentheses, only informing that the Festival has pretty  big budget. -nu-

To note, the event will be arranged together with Tourism Development  Fund and Tourism State Committee. The aim of the event is increasing  the awareness of Armenian brandy in the world, in traditional and new  markets.  According to Armenian National Statistics data in Jan-Dec  2016 Armenia produced 21 529 2 thousand liter of brandy with annual  growth for 27%. The main distribution market for Armenian brandy  today traditionally remains Russia.

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