Tuesday, April 11 2017 18:45
Karine Melikyan

Anelik Bank launches a unified system of providing state services in its branches

Anelik Bank launches a unified system of providing state services in  its branches

ArmInfo. Bank Anelik launches in  its branches a single system of providing state services. The press  service of the Bank told ArmInfo that since April 11, state services  such as state registration of the right to real estate, registration  of legal entities, certificates of criminal records and registration  of civil acts, etc., have been provided to clients in the "Tigran  Mets" branch.

The Armenian Minister of Justice Arpine Hovhannisyan and the Chairman  of the Board of Anelik Bank Nerses Karamyanukyan announced the launch  of the joint program.

Hovhannisyan stressed that the purpose of the joint program is to  increase the availability of services provided by different state  bodies to citizens. The minister added that thanks to this program,  citizens will be able to use state services in a convenient branch of  the bank, saving time and money. The deputation of some functions of  state bodies to private structures, for example, to banks, makes the  process more accessible to citizens.

Karamanukyan stated that Anelik Bank, regularly expanding and  improving the range of services in parallel with improving the  quality of services, will extend this approach to the joint state  program.

Soon, customers will be able to order the package of documents they  need, even the day before they visit the bank. He said that by the  end of April this state program will be used in all the capital  branches of Anelik Bank, and by the end of May regional divisions of  the bank will be involved in this process.

To note, the implementation of unified system of providing state  services in banks is implemented within the framework of reforms  launched by the government on the basis of agreement with the  Ministry of Justice. Since February 2017, the operator of some  service functions of state bodies was Ardshinbank, which launched the  provision of state register and Cadastre of Real Estate services in  the Ijevan branch.  Until the end of this year, the bank will involve  10 more branches in this process. In the same month (February 8), the  branches of "Kilikia" and "Nor Nork" of Converse Bank, in the  framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Agency  of the State Register of Legal Entities, began to perform a number of  functions: state registration of an individual entrepreneur,  functions related to state registration Limited liability companies  and other commercial organizations, etc. Converse Bank is also  planning to gradually expand the network of branches participating in  this process and provide the functions of other government bodies.

To remind, that Bank Anelik functions in the market since October,  1996. After the additional share issue in November 2016, the  membership of the Bank's shareholders changed - the entry of the  Cypriot company FISTOCO LTD with a stake of 59.68% reduced the share  of the former shareholder represented by the Lebanese Bank CreditBank  S.A.L from 100% to 40.32%. Indirect majority shareholders are  physical persons: Tarek J. Khalefe (CreditBank S.A.L) and Vardan  Dilanyan (FISTOCO LTD). The branch network of Bank Anelik includes 14  divisions, 8 of which are in capital and 6 are in regions. 

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