Friday, April 21 2017 13:20
Alexandr Avanesov

In 2017, NPPA to increase equipment control volume by 50%

In 2017, NPPA to increase equipment control volume by 50%

ArmInfo. In May 2017, Armenian Nuclear Power Plant will be stopped for preventive maintenance for 60 days. Vladimir Bredov, the project manager for the extension of the life of the N2 nuclear power unit, told ArmInfo correspondent about the activities to be carried out during this period, and what results should be expected from the results of the PM.

A considerable amount of work will be carried out during the preventive maintenance. The main focus will be put on the safety of the nuclear power plant: works related to the repair of equipment will be performed, as well as work on instrumental inspection of equipment. The repair of the equipment will be assisted by employees of the Kolskaya and Novovoronezh nuclear power plants - they are the ?twinning? stations of the Armenian NPP, scientific management will be carried out by JSC TsNIITMASH, an industrial enterprise of the Rosatom. As for the instrumental survey, the main task of this exercise is to calculate and confirm the residual life of the equipment using non-destructive testing methods. In simple words, it is necessary to check the possibility of further operation of NPP equipment. As you know, there is a lot of equipment on the NPPA, so the instrumental survey is distributed for several years, without compromising the safety and operation of the NPPA. Last year, we started this process; this year the volume of the surveyed equipment increased by 50% compared to last year (150 types of equipment) at the request of the supervisory authority. We hope to finish the instrumental survey process next year and in 2019. Transfer calculations and conclusions to the supervisory authority - the State Committee for Nuclear Safety Regulation. We hope to finish on time, but everything will depend on the results of the survey and the decision of the Gosatomnadzor.  How many contests are planned within the framework of PM-2017 and what sum?

Among the tenders to be implemented in the near future, the modernization of cooling towers can be underlined. This year, it is planned to start large-scale works on the modernization of the first cooling tower, in which, as we hope, Armenian companies will participate actively. The contest is expected to be held in the summer, and in the beginning of autumn we plan to start work, which will take about 12 months.

Could you please tell how the work on modification and supplies of anti-seismic protection system from SRI ?Armatom?

Armatom as earlier, implements the work. Now, the specification is being clarified with the NPPA. As expected, the equipment will be delivered to the NPPA in 2018.

How would you evaluate the results of PM-2016?

Positively. During PM-2016, several basic works were implemented: first, a very important work, is the exploitation control of reactor plant and reactor facility equipment. The control was held by the leading world and Russian specialized organizations. According to the results of operational control, critical remarks were not revealed and the safety of operation of the reactor plant and its equipment was confirmed for the Armenian NPP by 2020. The second work is the beginning of the instrumental survey (this work is distributed for years). Our specialized organizations are now carrying out calculations in order to clarify the remaining resource of the equipment.

How many tenders were implemented within the PM-2016 framework and on what sum?

More than 30 procurement procedures have been completed and contracts with suppliers for a total of $ 110 million have been signed. In some positions, the price reduction was about 70%. The maximum number of participants was involved in the procurement procedures, which, in a struggle, proved their professionalism, offering the best prices.

How you evaluate the cooperation with the plant??

Historical proximity of our peoples is very important - we lived together in a huge country, built this nuclear power plant together. Of course, there are disputes and discussions, this is natural, but always the priority for us is the common cause and result, namely, ensuring Armenia's energy security. It is clear that the Armenian NPP has no experience of carrying out works of this level, this is the first time for the ANPP.  In Russia such projects last 10-12 years, and equipment modernization is permanently ongoing. In Armenia the terms of the project are 2 times less, and the volume of work is many times greater.

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