Wednesday, June 14 2017 12:13
Alexandr Avanesov

Masrik solar plant construction tender bids submission term expires on June 16

Masrik solar plant construction tender bids submission term expires  on June 16

ArmInfo.Masrik solar plant  construction tender bids submission term expires on June 16. This was  stated  by Gagik Badalyan, the Head of Energy Department od the  Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and  natural Resources of the  Repaublic of Armenia. 

According to him, the nominal capacity of the first industrial solar  plant in Armenia will be set at 55 mWt.  But, depending on the design  of the station, it is not ruled out that the capacity of the plant  could be higher.  As of today, Gagik Badalyan went on, the  participation bids for the tender announced were submitted by 50  companies from different countries of the world. "The interest for  the project is high. It is planned that until March 2018 the tender  will be completed, and in late 2018 Armenia will get its first mighty  solar plant," the department head said. he added also that according  to preliminary data, the total volume of investments in this object  of generation will form up to USD 65-70 mln, depending on the  capacity. "The final figure of investments will be published upon the  results of the tender," the department head stated adding that it is  planned to build up industrial solar plants with total capacity of  110 mWt  until the end of 2020.  

To remind, an international  tender on Masrik electric plant building  was announced on April 28,  with the installed power of 55Mwt. More  than 40 companies express  interest to tender only 10 from them,  passing pre qualifying stage,  would be able to continue the  struggle, Hayk Harutyunyan, Armenian  deputy Minister of Energy  Infrastructures and Natural Resources  stated today.  

According to him, the bidding procedure assuming capable extended   terms will last until 2018 Q2.  Investor is being planned to be shown   up at the first stage of the competition, concrete criteria are  installed.  Particularly, he should be experienced in solar electric   plant building with total power not less than 100Mwt. This is done to   attract serious companies in this project.  The preparation of   bidding procedure has been done for a long time. As a result of   project implementation Armenia will receive concrete and lowest   ever-solar electric plant on tariff. Deputy Minister refused to say   the size of tariff, only noting that it should be more available in   accordance to the thermal units' tariffs. "There is a hope that it   would be in the limits of tariffs, installed for hydro energetic   plants", Hayk Harutyunyan stressed, According to him, Armenia has   good solar energy resources, and there are created good conditions     for the investors.  As it was informed earlier the Spanish company   of Acciona,  the worldwide leader of the renewable energy production,   is intended to invest this year about EUR 600-700 mln in the   construction of  energy parks. The management of the company   estimates to invest the same volumes in the projects of alternative   electric power annually until the year of 2020. The total volumes of   investments estimated for the current period forms EUR 3,5 bln, EUR 2   bln of which will be allocated for the construction of units located   out of Spain.  "We have studied proposals from more than 100   countries of the world, interested in solar and wind plants   construction. Now we have to choose projects that will be priorities   for us," Jose Manuel Entrecanales, the President of Acciona Company   said at the meeting of shareholders

According to him, the company is intended not only to participate to   the construction contract bidding in respect to construction of  50   mW capacity solar plant  at the site of Masrik in Gegharkunik marz,   but also to raise photo voltage  generating units with a capacity of   150 mW. But  there are some state guarantees of indemnity  needed to   launch the project, Araras said. "We want to enter Armenian market   for a long time, for 25 years as the minimum, and we should be sure   our investments will be protected," the representative of the Company   said, adding that beside solar generation, the company is occupied in   developing a wind energy plant in the area of lake Sevan.

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