Tuesday, June 20 2017 14:54
Naira Badalian

Armenian Government planned ways of increasing power independence and safety of Republic

Armenian Government planned ways of increasing power independence and  safety of Republic

ArmInfo. The policy of Armenian Government  for 2017- 2022 in the energy sector will be aimed at increasing  energy independence and security, ensuring regional integration and  sustainable development, based on further development of nuclear  energy and the full use of energy resources of the country, as well  as the introduction of energy-efficient modern technologies, the  Government's new program submitted to the parliament of the republic,  reads.

According to the program's text, at this stage, the country's power  system not only fully satisfies the demands of the domestic market,  but also has an export potential. At the same time, within the  framework of Government's efforts to liberalize the energy market and  search for new regional markets, by the end of 2017 it is planned to  develop a program for the liberalization of the electric power system  and the development of interstate trade. In addition, by the end of  2020, it is planned to develop a new RA law "On Energy" taking into  account the best world experience, and by the end of 2021 - to  propose a new prospective program for the development of the electric  power system of Armenia for the next 10 years.

In order to introduce the latest technologies, the program provides  the formation of an appropriate legislative basis. In particular, it  is proposed to amend a number of laws on energy, on licensing and  state duty, and it is proposed by the end of 2017 to review the terms  and measures for ensuring Armenia's energy security within the  framework of the "Concept for Ensuring Armenia's Energy Security."

Thus, by the end of 2017, Armenian Government intends to implement  measures to extend the operation of the second power unit of the  Armenian Nuclear Power Plant on additional studies of systems,  equipment and supplies of necessary equipment. During 2018-2019  years, it is planned to carry out the final stage of the  modernization of the power unit, and by the end of 2019 to implement  the extension program. 

Within the framework of the construction program for Armenia-Iran and  Armenia- Georgia power lines, the Government intends to commission  the Iran-Armenia electricity transmission line and the substation by  the end of 2019. On the Armenia-Georgia power line, the construction  work will be completed by the end of 2019. According to ArmInfo, the  construction of power lines will connect the electric power systems  of Armenia and Georgia as an integral part of the energy corridor  "North-South". The work will begin by the end of this year. In  parallel, the construction of Iran-Armenia electricity transmission  line continues. The total amount of investments in both projects will  be about $ 420 million. As a result of the project implementation,  interregional communication will be strengthened, mutual flows and  electricity trade will increase. The creation of a corridor will  enable Armenia to become an electric power hub by linking the  electric power systems of Iran, Georgia and Russia.

According to the Government program, to implement solar energy  development program, it is planned to sum up the tender for the  implementation of the project for the construction of a solar  photovoltaic station Masrik with a peak installed capacity of 55 MW  before the end of 2018.  According to ArmInfo, the total amount of  investments in this generation facility will be $ 65-70 million. 50  companies participate in the contest. To implement the same general  program for the development of solar energy, which provides for the  creation up to 2020 of several stations with a total installed  capacity of 110 MW, the government envisaged to attract $ 129  million.

In addition, as part of the promotion of plans for the construction  of wind power plants in 2017- 2022, the Government of the country  intends to support private programs by developing an appropriate  legislative framework. As part of the development of geothermal  energy, a project is planned to build a station in the Karkar area,  and by the end of 2019 announcing a tender to attract investors.  According to ArmInfo, now the process of approving the potential of  the Karkar area is underway. It is planned that the installed  capacity of the geothermal power plant will be 30 MW. It will work in  the basic mode. The station will be able to produce annually 220-250  million kWh of electricity, which will be 2.4% of consumption  volumes. The total amount of investment in the Karkar geothermal  power plant will amount to about $ 100 million. In parallel with the  Karkar area, Armenia has other promising areas, such as Gridzor,  Jermahpur and others.

At the same time, as the Government's program says, "the extracting  sphere of Armenia should function on the principles of transparency  and accountability." As a result of effective and transparent  management of the country's natural resources, it is possible to come  to an economic result that ensures economic growth. In this context,  the Government's activities in next five years will be aimed at  ensuring sustainable development of the mining sector, and the  creation of a new legislative framework for carrying out the relevant  policy.

To recall the previous year Armenia joined EITI international  initiative (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative -  Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative).  According to  experts, Armenia's joining as a candidate for EITI can bring about $  200 million in additional direct investments to the country due to  the sharp increase in the attractiveness of mining projects as  investment objects.

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