Wednesday, August 9 2017 18:19
Naira Badalian

Armenian government increases commercial return of agrosphere

ArmInfo. The Armenian government, in the framework of the planned events, expects an increase in the commercial returns of the agricultural sector. Under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan, a meeting was held in the government dedicated to the tasks of the agrosphere. During the meeting, the Ministry of Agriculture presented the country's farming programs to the development of the sphere.

As the press service of the Armenian executive body told ArmInfo, Karen Karapetyan noted that the government's goal is to increase efficiency in the sphere of agriculture. This, according to the head of government, can be achieved by minimizing costs, implementing a productive system of protection from natural disasters and applying the latest technological developments in the agro-sphere, efficient use of water resources, and the formation of consulting in the field that will help develop an understanding of where and what needs to be produced.

As a result of these events, according to the head of the executive body of the republic, the sphere of agriculture will provide income and stable development, which in turn will become the basis for improving the country's food security, assist the import substitution process, increase the export of Armenian products and create new jobs.

As part of measures to improve the effectiveness of the sphere, in particular, steps are being planned to create the necessary conditions for the establishment of intensive fruit gardens. The state subsidizes loans for small medium and large farms - the beneficiaries of the program will be granted loans at 5% with a maturity of up to 7 years.

For the transition to drip irrigation, a state action program has been developed, according to which land users will be provided with agricultural loans at 2% per annum for a period of 3 years.

The program of state support for the provision of agricultural equipment in leasing to farmers will allow renting equipment at a rate of 2% per annum with a maturity of 3-10 years (small equipment - 3 g, tractors - 6, harvesters - 10).

For greenhouse farms, as well as representatives of the sphere engaged in the production of canning and dairy products and alcohol, preferential tariffs for gas will be established.

70 million AMD will be allocated to subsidizing available agricultural loans for companies-procurers. The process has already started and loans will be provided at 3% per annum for a period of 1 year.

Since 2018, agricultural loans will be issued in Armenia under milder conditions - farmers will be attracted loans at a rate of 5% per annum. Previously, the maximum amount of subsidies was 3 million AMD for a period of 2 years. Under the new conditions, the amount has been increased to 10 million AMD, while maintaining the previously approved amount of financing subsidies.

In the Armavir region of Armenia, in the near future, a new system of anti-hail missile defense will be tested in the pilot version. It is planned that in the near future the program will cover the entire territory of Armenia.

The work of slaughterhouses will be organized, and with the aim of increasing the productivity of the livestock sector, issues with the treatment of domestic animals will be resolved.

It is planned to create refrigeration facilities in different regions of the republic, and the volumes of organic agricultural products produced are increased. There are measures to increase the efficiency of consulting services, as well as awareness of the representatives of the sphere. It is also expected to reform the legislative field. "Realization of the planned measures, we solve not only social problems, but also create a profitable, modern and industrial system of agriculture," Karen Karapetyan said.

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