Wednesday, August 30 2017 16:45
Alina Hovhannisyan

CS of RA: Import of wheat to Armenia for the first half of 2017 increased by 61.4% per annum with an increase in flour import by 34.5%

CS of RA: Import of wheat to Armenia for the first half of 2017  increased by 61.4% per annum with an increase in flour import by  34.5%

ArmInfo. In the first half of  2017, wheat imports to Armenia increased by 61.4% per annum (against  a decline of 5.5% a year earlier), amounting to 112.6 thousand  tonnes. According to the Customs Service of the Republic of Armenia,  in value terms, shipments increased by 64.3% per annum to $ 23.4  million. Against this background, a 34.5% annual increase in the  import of wheat flour was registered - up to 7.5 thousand tons with a  total cost of $ 1.7 million with an annual growth of 29%.

In particular, 94.3% of imported wheat to Armenia is imported from  Russia (with an annual growth of 55.3%). The import of wheat flour is  also dominated by Russia - 99% of total imports, with an annual  increase in shipments from Russia by 35.8%.

Against the backdrop of the upward dynamics of imports, Armenia  resumed export of wheat, while in the same period last year, the  report of the CS of RA did not include this line. So, according to  customs data for the first half of 2017, Armenia exported 3.5 tons of  wheat (in the US) with a total value of $ 2.4 thousand.

At the same time, grain imports to Armenia increased by 11.6% in the  first half of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016 (against a  decline of 58% a year earlier) to 2.3 thousand tones. At the same  time, the customs value of imported grain fell by 0.6% to $ 1.5  million. The main importer of cereals was also Russia (84%).

By way of comparison, according to the results of 2016, Armenia  reduced wheat import by 12.7% to 280.3 thousand tons, in parallel  with the decline in value terms - by 22.9% - to $ 58.7 million. The  export of wheat increased by 7, 8 times to 15.6 tons, with the  increase in customs value 7.2 times to $ 70.4 million.  According to  customs data, the import of wheat flour to Armenia decreased by 8.9%  - to 11.8 thousand tons. In terms of value, imported wheat flour  showed a decline of 43.1% to $ 2.9 million. Grain imports fell 5.8%  to 3,500 tones, while the customs value fell 6.8% to $ 2.7 million.  Grain was exported From Armenia only in the volume of 70 tons, with a  decline both in the quantitative - by 23.5%, and in value terms - by  27.8% to $ 50.8 thousand.

To note, two large companies - "Alex Grig" and "Manana Grein" produce  flour in Armenia, they also import wheat. The dominant position in  the wheat and flour market is occupied by Alex Grig Company (owned by  the family of the Armenian oligarch Samvel Aleksanyan), which  accounts for more than 42% of the market, and Manana Grein is also a  major player - over 36%. Thus, "Alex Grig" and "Manana Grain" provide  about 80% of the domestic market of Armenia. Manana Grain LLC is also  one of the largest grain importers in Armenia (over 34% of the  market).

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