Monday, October 2 2017 12:04
Alexandr Avanesov

State corporation "Rosatom" is ready to offer Armenia a whole list of goods and services used in non- energy spheres

State corporation "Rosatom" is ready to offer Armenia a whole list of  goods and services used in non- energy spheres

ArmInfo. The state  corporation "Rosatom" is a recognized world leader in the nuclear  industry, including non-energy nuclear technologies, and is ready to  offer Armenia a whole range of goods and services used in these  fields. This is in conversation with the correspondent. ArmInfo was  told by Deputy Director of Rosatom Eastern Europe LLC Vladimir Gorn.   According to him, the state corporation Rosatom holds leading  positions in the number of projects for the construction of power  units of nuclear power plants - 42 projects in Russia and abroad are  in various stages of implementation, and the portfolio of orders for  10 years is $ 133.4 billion.

As part of the development of non-energy technologies, Rosatom is  involved in such areas as information technology, nuclear medicine,  the development and manufacture of composite materials, radiation  technologies in agriculture and space exploration. The company was  tasked with raising the revenue by new directions to 30% of the  company's total revenue by 2030. Vladimir Gorn noted that one of the  largest and most powerful computers in the world is in Rosatom. Its  capacity corresponds to the 12th place in the current ranking of the  Top 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world and the 1st place  in the Top-50 ranking of Russia and the CIS.

 The supercomputer is designed for a wide range of engineering  calculations. "It was created by us, as well as the control systems  of this computer." Thanks to this computer, various types of modeling  and scientific research are being made,"- said the deputy director of  the company, adding that the computer has become a "working tool" in  the laboratory of three-dimensional modeling of thermal hydraulics of  nuclear power plants. It significantly expands the possibilities for  carrying out high-precision calculations of reactor plants of various  types of nuclear power plants. And this, in turn, allows us to  accelerate the cycle of designing new and optimizing certain  processes at existing and under construction power units. In  addition, the new computer will significantly reduce the time and  financial resources required for the choice of the technical solution  option and direct experimental development of the reactor equipment  components.  

Currently, the use of nuclear technology is increasingly used in  various industries. For example,Beams are widely used for  cross-linking wires in the cable industry, where powerful industrial  electron accelerators are used. The process of radiation processing  of insulation of cable products requires the use of expensive  equipment, so the task of increasing the efficiency of its use is  quite urgent. By optimizing the method of irradiating products with  an electron beam, it is possible to significantly improve the quality  of irradiation and the efficiency of beam utilization, and reduce the  cost of processing. In the construction industry, electron-beam  processing is used to produce polymer-containing composite materials  and products, primarily concrete-polymer and wood-polymer. As a  result, the strength characteristics of concrete are increased by 2-3  times, water resistance increases by 40%, wear resistance of concrete  and articles from it increases under extreme conditions - low or high  temperatures. Polymeric concretes are used for the construction of  water intake facilities, pumping stations, power transmission lines.  In 2013, Rosatom also proposed a multichannel scanner for dynamic  control of the road surface .

 The multichannel scanner detects the zones of decompression of the  upper layer of the pavement, measures the roughness of the road  surface, and can also be used to control the railroad track. It  allows for continuous non-destructive diagnostics of the road surface  in real time. The analysis is carried out for parameters such as  density and compaction factor. In addition to the X-ray densimeter,  its competence includes a radar with three antenna units, a data  acquisition, processing, storage and visualization unit, a  displacement sensor, a profiling sensor, and a GSP positioning  sensor. Installation of the unit is possible in two versions - on a  trailer or on a car of the "pick-up" type.

Vladimir Gorn also talked about the developments of Rosatom for  nuclearmedicine. "Rosatom" today produces everything necessary,  starting from of the isotopes themselves, to the clinical equipment  on whichdiagnostics. Literally last week with Thailand was signed  contract for the creation in this country of a  cyclotron-radiochemical complex. It is intended for the further  development of nuclear medicine.  Radionuclides that can be created  in the laboratory of the complex will provide doctors with the  opportunity to perform highly effective diagnostics and therapy of a  wide range of diseases, mainly in the field of oncology and  cardiology. In addition, the complex with a total area of more than  5400 m2 will allow to carry out scientific research to create new  radionuclides used in medicine. 

The implementation of this project will increase the availability of  nuclear medicine not only for the people of Thailand, but also for  the Asia-Pacific region as a whole. Conducting research programs will  contribute to the accumulation of competencies in the non-energy  application of nuclear technologies, their implementation in various  sectors and the training of qualified personnel for the industry of  the country.

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