Tuesday, October 24 2017 18:48
Alina Hovhannisyan

Ameriabank announced the launch of two credit campaigns - for SMEs and individuals

Ameriabank announced the launch of two credit campaigns - for SMEs  and individuals

ArmInfo. Ameriabank  announced the launch of two credit campaigns - for SMEs and  individuals, the terms within which will be established under the new  methodology. This October 24, said the director of Ameriabank retail  banking Arman Barseghyan, noting that the campaigns will be in effect  until December 30 this year.

So, according to him, interest rates will be set by the bank in  future, depending on the risk criteria of the potential borrower.  "Accordingly, the lower the risk level - the lower is the interest  rates offered to the client," he stressed. In particular,  A.Barseghyan noted that for SME representatives the following  parameters were determined: business income, loan/pledge ratio and  loan maturity. The interest rates within the credit campaign for SMEs  will fluctuate within 10-10.5% in drams, from 6.5% in dollars, and  from 5% in euros. "The size of the loan for SMEs will not exceed $  300 thousand, but there may be exceptions," he said.

For individuals, Ameriabank also provided for a special offer. When  issuing a loan for the acquisition, repair and reconstruction of real  estate within the campaign, the creditworthiness of the client and  the value of the offered collateral will be taken into account.  Interest rates are set starting from 10% in drams, from 7% - in  dollars and from 5,5% - in euros.

"The main feature of this approach is to preserve the principle of  justice," A. Barseghyan emphasized.

Concerning the credit campaigns conducted by the bank, the head of  Ameriabank's lending department, Inna Abramyan, will answer all  questions from October 20 to 20:00 on the official Facebook page.

According to the Financial Rating of the Armenian Banks as of July 1,  2017, prepared by the NA ArmInfo, Ameriabank holds the leading  position on credit investments - 419.9 billion AMD (64.3% of assets),  providing an annual growth of this indicator by 20.7%. In terms of  lending to SMEs, Ameriabank is included in TOP-5 - 74.6 billion AMD  with an annual growth of 20.2%. On the mortgage loan portfolio, the  Bank holds the third position - 21.6 billion AMD with an annual  growth of 15.8%. In the total loan portfolio of the Bank, the share  of SMEs is 18.4%, retail lending - 11.5%, and mortgage interest -  5.3%. In total SME loans for the market, Ameriabank's share exceeds  12%, retail loans - more than 6%, and mortgage loans - over 11%. The  first half of 2017, Ameriabank completed with a net profit of 3.3  billion AMD with an annual growth of 55.8%. (the calculated exchange  rate of the AMD as of June 30, 2017 is 480.47 AMD/USD1).

Ameriabank CJSC is a universal bank that provides investment,  corporate and retail banking services in the form of a comprehensive  package of banking solutions. The bank has been operating in the  Armenian market since October 31, 1996. The branch network of  Ameriabank today has 14 divisions: 8 - metropolitan and 6 - regional.  As of January 1, 2017, the Bank's shareholders are Ameri Group with  65.8% equity interest, EBRD 20.7% and ESPS Holding Limited 13.5%. 

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