Wednesday, November 22 2017 14:54
Alexandr Avanesov

Margin for Electric Networks of Armenia will remain the same until 2028

Margin for Electric Networks of Armenia will remain the same until  2028

ArmInfo. The margin set by  the Commission on Regulation of Public Services for "Electric  Networks of Armenia" will remain unchanged until 2028. This was  announced on November 22 at a meeting with journalists by Vice  President of the Tashir Group of Companies, Chairman of the Board of  Directors of JSC Electric Networks of Armenia Karen Darbinyan.

According to him, at present, the margin is 49 billion AMD, which  equals 11.7 AMD in each kilowatt of electricity. In the next 10  years, the company will pay special attention to reducing losses.  Karen Darbinyan reminded that Tashir accepted "Electric Networks of  Armenia" from October 15, 2015. Then the losses were 13.3%, however,  during the next three months this figure was reduced to 11.3%. In  2016, the company lost 9.9%, and by mid-November 2017 - 8.7%. "In two  years, extensive work has been carried out both with the streamlining  of the administration system and with the involvement of serious  investments," Karen Darbinyan said.

He added that until 2028 the level of losses in the company would be  brought to 6.4%. Until 2021, this indicator will be reduced to 8%, to  2025 - up to 7%, and to 2028 - to 6.4%. With reduction of losses, the  chairman of the Board of Directors of "ENA" continued, the electric  power system will receive additional funds, as reducing losses by 1%  leads to savings of $ 4.5- $ 5 million. Based on previous losses, a  significant proportion was theft. The use of administrative resources  made it possible to significantly reduce these cases. But most  importantly, the problem found its solution with the introduction of  incentive mechanisms, according to which the premiums of inspectors  or site managers directly depend on reducing losses.

Karen Darbinyan stressed that even in conditions of liberalization of  the electricity market, the company will purchase electricity in  accordance with the tariffs set by the PSRC. At the same time, it  does not matter whether ENA purchases electricity from TPPs, nuclear  power plants or HPPs. "There is a fixed margin of AMD 49 bln, and at  the beginning of the year the structure of electricity production is  being compiled, which ENA is obliged to purchase." These 2 bln AMD  will be used to improve the entire electric power system of the  country, "Karen Darbinian said.

He recalled that currently 7,300 people work in the company. In the  process of implementing the investment program, this amount will be  reduced by 1,000 authorized units, while retaining a number of the  company's obligations to employees, in particular, retaining annual  wages. This will allow the employee to adapt to the new conditions.

The Tashir Group of Companies is a multidisciplinary group of  companies of the federal scale, founded in 1999 and uniting more than  200 companies in various sectors of the Russian economy, including  construction, manufacturing, financial and energy industries,  development, retail and entertainment. The total number of employees  exceeds 45,000 people. The geography of activity covers 25 cities of  Russia and the near abroad. The founder and president of the company  is Samvel Karapetyan. The head office is located in Moscow. The core  business of the group of companies is the development and management  of commercial real estate, with priority being commercial real  estate. - the leader of the Russian market of development,  the creator of modern, high-tech facilities in the field of  commercial and residential real estate, the total area of which is  about 2.5 million kw.m.

JSC Electric Networks of Armenia carries out activities on  transmission and distribution of electricity in the territory of the  Republic of Armenia, and also has a license for the export and import  of electricity to the Republic of Georgia. According to the RA law  "On Energy", the Company is the only person in the country with which  all other legal entities and individuals have the right to conduct  transactions for buying or selling electricity. The company serves  about 1 million consumers, is one of the largest taxpayers and the  largest employer of the country.


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