Tuesday, December 12 2017 17:14
Karine Melikyan

Ameriabank and Golden State Bank within the framework of the memorandum of cooperation bring together the points of interaction of business communities in Armenia and California

Ameriabank and Golden State Bank within the framework of the  memorandum of cooperation bring together the points of interaction of  business communities in Armenia and California

ArmInfo. At the initiative of  Ameriabank and Golden State Bank in California, the Chairman of the  Board of Ameriabank, Andrey Mkrtchyan, and the head of the Golden  State Council Robert Sedrakyan met with local businessmen. As the  press service of Ameriabank told ArmInfo, the Mayor of Glendale (USA,  California) Vardan Karapetyan participated in the meetings.

During the meeting, issues related to the Memorandum of Cooperation  concluded between Ameriabank and Golden State Bank were discussed.

The meeting was aimed at bringing together the points of interaction  between business communities in Armenia and California, promoting  business development in an expanded framework and ensuring access to  real estate markets.

Ameriabank reminded that within the framework of the bilateral  agreement, those Armenian companies and individuals who wish to  purchase real estate in California or conduct business will be able  to have a trusted partner in the person of Golden State Bank, having  previously applied to Ameriabank. In addition, state- registered  enterprises and resident physical persons have the opportunity to use  the full package of services and products of Ameriabank through the  California Golden State Bnak. This is the first experience of  cooperation in this format between American and Armenian banks, which  provides Armenian citizens with an unprecedented opportunity to  purchase real estate and use the bank's services through financing  from a California bank, having previously applied to Ameriabank.  Within the framework of the memorandum, numerous banking services  will be available to bank customers, including opening accounts,  issuing cards, making deposits, banking and interbank operations,  consulting services, assessing creditworthiness, etc.  According to  Ameriabank's research, the California market is large, and financial  opportunities in 2 times exceed the capacity of the French, Russian  and other major Armenian Diasporas. California is a major partner in  terms of investments, transfers, and charitable programs. In this  connection, the parties hope that through cooperation, it will be  possible to increase the amount of investments from the US to the  economy of Armenia and the number of services provided.

The Memorandum of Cooperation signed on January 18, 2016 between  Ameriabank and the Golden State Bank of California provides new  opportunities for Armenian and American enterprises and individuals  to conduct banking operations and allows using the services provided  by the two markets.

According to the Financial Rating of the Armenian Banks, as of  October 1, 2017, prepared by the IA ArmInfo, Ameriabank holds the  leading position on assets - 667.3 billion AMD (annual growth of  27.3%), on general credit investments (441.9 billion AMD, with annual  growth of 25, 4%), including crediting the Armenian economy (374.7  billion AMD, with an annual growth of 22.2%). Among the leaders of  the bank is the crediting of the industrial sector (inclusive of the  energy complex), agriculture, construction sector, trade, catering  and services. Effective placement of credit resources allowed the  bank to ensure a net profit in the first 9 months of 2017 at 5.4  billion drams (2 position on the market), with an annual growth of  53.6%. It is noteworthy that the bank is leading both in terms of  liabilities, both general and demand deposits, and on time deposits  is included in the TOP-3. ZJSC Ameriabank is a universal bank that  provides investment, corporate and retail banking services in the  form of a comprehensive package of banking solutions. The  shareholders of the bank are Ameria Group CY Ltd. with a share in the  capital of 65.8%, EBRD - 20.7% and ESPS Holding Limited - 13.5%.

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