Friday, December 15 2017 11:19
Naira Badalian

Armenian President does not consider it rational to withdraw from the EAEU

Armenian President does not consider it rational to withdraw from the  EAEU

ArmInfo. Armenia Serzh Sargsyan  does not consider the proposal of the opposition to withdraw from the  EAEU rational. Serzh Sargsyan stated this in an interview with  "Armenia" TV channel.

According to him, in this proposal he sees a desire to serve certain  interests. "Either this is a certain belief that comes from the lack  of a proper possession of the topic. I did not hear any serious  arguments," he said.

Responding to the remark that from 1 January the prices for 900 items  of goods could rise, Sargsyan replied: "This can not have a  significant impact - neither in the context of spasmodic inflation,  nor in the context of impeding (developing) the economy."

According to the President, since the full membership of Armenia in  the EAEU in 2015, the price of many goods has changed. However,  according to the head of the republic, negative influence is  compensated for other types of goods, at lower prices. "I think that  there is a balanced approach to this issue, which led to a fall in  prices in 2016," he said, stressing that prices for some goods have  risen due to the situation on the international market, "but in the  whole of inflation is manageable. " Earlier, the parliamentary  faction "Elk" presented as a legislative initiative the draft of the  statement of the National Assembly "On the beginning of the process  on the termination of the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union in  the part of the Republic of Armenia." In particular, the MPs of the  faction stated that as a result of the accession of the Republic of  Armenia to the Eurasian Economic Union, there was a significant  regress in a number of socioeconomic spheres, and the security of the  Republic of Armenia did not strengthen, "Reaffirming that for 3 years  of membership in the EAEU the GDP of Armenia in terms of the dollar  declined by 8%, the employment rate - by 13%, international reserves  - by 40%, the state debt grew by 10%, at the same time, the inflow of  net investments in 2014 made 167.4bln AMD, and in 2016g it was  reduced to The GDP of Armenia fell by 8%, the employment rate by 13%,  the international reserves by 40%, the state debt grew by 10%, while  the net inflow of investments in 2014 was 167.4 billion drams, and  declined to AMD 81 billion in 2016. In 2017, a cash flow of $ 25  million took place from Armenia to Russia, and investments from  Russia from Russia were almost zero this year, "the draft decision  stated. It was also emphasized that due to membership in the EAE  about 900 items of essential goods and wide consumption in the  territory of the Republic of Armenia will inevitably rise in price,  and concern was expressed that membership in the EAEU limits the  development of Armenia's economic relations with third countries,  including with direct neighbors - Georgia and Iran. The Armenian  parliamentarians rejected the legislative initiative.

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