Friday, December 22 2017 12:45

Armenia celebrates Energy Day

ArmInfo. December 22 in  Armenia is celebrated as the Day of Energy.

Ashot Manukyan, Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural  Resources of the Republic of Armenia, stressed that this day is not  only a good opportunity to congratulate each other on a professional  holiday, but also to look at the past, evaluate what has been done  and talk about the prospects. "In this context, we really have  something to say, because only last year we managed to implement a  number of programs of strategic importance," the minister said,  mentioning, in particular, a major program to extend the life of the  second power unit of the Armenian NPP, which is carried out on credit  and grant resources of the Russian Federation.

In addition, Ashot Manukyan stressed the importance of the program  implemented by the US partners in the construction of the Shnokh HPP  with a capacity of 76 MW. "Within the framework of public-private  partnership, design and estimate works have begun, and as a result,  we will get another power plant that will fully use the water  potential of the Debed River," the minister said.

Together with the American companies General Electric, work began on  the modernization of the Yerevan TPP, as a result of which the  capacity of the operating unit will increase by 7 MW, and the  efficiency will increase by 1%.

With the financing of the German KfW bank, the construction of a new  electricity transmission line Armenia-Georgia will begin next year,  and together with the Italian company Renko, work began on the  construction of a second power unit of the Yerevan TPP with a steam  generator set, the efficiency of which will be 53%.

This year, the minister continued, the first three solar power plants  of industrial importance were commissioned. In total, 128  photovoltaic solar stations have already been installed in Armenia.  The process of liberalization of the electricity market began in the  country, a free-market operator was formed, network rules and a  schedule of market liberalization were approved.

At the initiative of the Tashir Group of Companies, the  implementation of the largest investment program started in the  "Electric Networks of Armenia", the construction of the third  Iran-Armenia power line was resumed.

"As a result of the implementation of all these projects, the  structure of electricity production will change in the country, the  volumes of own generation sources from renewable and alternative  energy facilities will be brought up to 50%, and the gas volumes  needed to produce 1 kWh of electricity from thermal blocks will be  reduced by 20% the specific meaning of nuclear energy will increase  significantly, all of which will ensure the energy security of our  country, and the implementation of the North-South energy corridor  project will increase the regional importance of Armenia, "the  minister said in his message.

Ashot Manukyan stressed that Armenia is closely monitoring the  development of technologies in the field of nuclear and solar energy,  the application of which will lead to a revolution in this field. "We  are not lagging behind the processes taking place in the world and  are confident that their application will lead to the provision of a  new quality of energy security in Armenia," the minister stressed.

He recalled that in the expiring year Armenia assumed the  chairmanship of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic  Energy Agency. "Our country once again assures the world of its  intentions to develop not only nuclear, but also green energy," the  Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of Armenia  said.

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