Wednesday, January 17 2018 15:14
Emmanuil Mkrtchyan

The implementation of Armenian NPP 2nd unit lifetime extension project in respect to the terms and volume of work coul be compared with the construction of a new unit

The implementation of Armenian NPP 2nd unit  lifetime extension  project  in respect to the terms and volume of work  coul be compared  with the construction of a new unit

ArmInfo. The implementation  of Armenian NPP 2nd unit lifetime extension in respect to the terms  and volume of work  could be compared with the construction of a new  unit. 

This was stated to Arminfo reporter by Areg Galstyan, the advisor to  the Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of  Armenia According to him, the complexity of the program implemented  in Armenia is limited in terms. "But, in any case, we want to meet  the terms," the minister's advisor said, adding that the whole  project is conditionally divided into 2 stages. 

At the first, preparatory stage, a tremendous work was carried out to  survey and study the main equipment.  In total, about 4500 pieces of  equipment were examined. It was important to determine where exactly   the station was located, what needs to be changed, what can not be  changed, draw a line under those equipment and structures that  directly affect the level of safety, both design and operational.  "Until the last day, while the station will be operated, we will  implement all necessary measures to improve the safety level of the  second power unit.

According to the results of the research, the necessary calculations  were made on the state of the metal, pumps, other  rimary equipment  of the primary circuit. We have 2 main circuits - the first, which  includes a nuclear island, and the second - a turbine island. All  security systems are mainly concentrated in the first, nuclear  island. Although, of course, there are a lot of other systems, on  which security depends, and which are in the 2nd circuit," Areg  Galstyan said, adding that all work is carried out in close  cooperation with Russian specialists. all efforts are focused on the  implementation of the second stage, At this stage, work is to be  carried out to replace equipment directly related to safety, in  particular, to replace the turbine plant, which will increase the  efficiency of the station by increasing the thermal power STI unit  using the previous volumes of fuel. This will give the opportunity to  produce more energy, and reduce unit costs.  Thus, it will be  possible to reduce the load on the tariff margins station. To this  end, the NPP will be stopped in April 2018 for a period of six  months.  This is done so that the station's share in the total  balance of generated electricity would be insignificant, since in the  flood period the main burden will fall on hydropower facilities.  Construction and installation works will be conducted in spring and  summer. In summer, the replacement of one turbine, then the second  one. In six months, one turbine generator will be replaced, and the  second - in 2019. 

The first turbine generator is already at the station. Replacing just  two turbine generators will lead to a load on the tariff regime. The  advisor to the minister noted that on the first circuit - there is an  unchangeable equipment that will be repaired. Most of the pumping  equipment, valves, valves, latches, automation, primary converters,  so-called sensors, information monitoring systems and reactor  protection control systems will be replaced. In his turn, the chief  engineer of the ANPP Arthur Grigoryan stressed that the installation  of the main equipment is a specific work, which should involve those  organizations that have a lot of experience in this business. "There  is a very complex specificity here, and therefore the number of  organizations that are able to do so is sharply reduced." The final  choice will be made by our general contractor, the Russian company   of Rusatom Service, which works in accordance with the  intergovernmental agreement. according to the schedule. This gives us  the opportunity to be ready to receive the main equipment, "said  Artur Grigoryan. The chief engineer also noted that "Rusatom Service"  has extensive experience in the field of modernization of the units.  "The company coordinates foreign projects, including the Kozloduy NPP  in Bulgaria, where a similar unit operates, work is being done with  Hungary, China, Iran and other countries." At the Armenian NPP,  Rusatom Service not only implements the program, but also attracts  subcontractors, including those from Armenia. "They do so in  accordance with the regulations adopted by the State Corporation  of  Rosatom. So our partner is one of the most advanced and efficient  companies in the world, as evidenced by the portfolio of orders,  "said the chief engineer of the ANPP.  Recall that on December 10  last year, Rusatom Service JSC  completed the delivery of the first  of two turbine generators for the Armenian NPP. Transportation of  equipment from the manufacturer in St.  Petersburg took place in two  stages - by sea to the port of Poti (Georgia) and from there - by  land transport to the site of the Armenian NPP. The new unit will be  installed in place of the former, which was manufactured in the late  70s of the last century. Together with the turbine generator,  auxiliary systems will be replaced - this is one of the features of  working on the project. The turbine generator was manufactured by  PJSC "Power Machines" - an energy machine building company of Russia,  one of the ten world leaders in terms of installed equipment. Under  the contract signed in December 2016, Power Machines PJSC must  manufacture and supply two complete turbo-generators with a rated  capacity of 236 MW with the excitation and process control systems  for the upgraded power unit of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant.  At  the same time, the scope of work includes installation and adjustment  of equipment. The second turbo- generator is planned to be delivered  to the station in December 2018.

Rusatom Service JSC  is part of the electric power division  of   Rosatom State Corporation. The company provides foreign nuclear power  plants  the full range of services and supplies needed to ensure  operation and repair throughout the life cycle. The company is  present in almost all countries with operating NPPs with WWER outside  of Russia. In the markets of China, Iran, Bulgaria and Armenia,  Rusatom Service takes leading positions, being the general contractor  for the extension of the service life, the implementation of  preventive maintenance and upgrading of the equipment of NPPs. In  foreign markets, Rusatom Service JSC  has generated a portfolio of  orders worth about 2 billion US dollars.

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