Monday, February 12 2018 12:35
Alexandr Avanesov

The Prime Minister : Interesting and productive work expected in 2018 in Armenian regions

ArmInfo. In 2018, interesting  and effective work is expected in the regions of Armenia. Prime  Minister Karen Karapetyan stated this during a meeting in the Kotayk  region of the republic. According to the press service of the  government, the meeting was devoted to the results of work done in  2017 and plans for 2018.

According to the Prime Minister, there are good prospects for  ensuring economic growth in the coming years, which will lead to  serious reforms in the management system.

Presenting the social and economic situation in the region, the  Governor of the Kotayk region Karapet Guloyan noted that in the  course of 2017 significant positive indicators were recorded in the  region. The private sector invested 60 billion drams, of which 25.5  billion drams went to industry, 5 billion to agriculture, 10.9  billion to tourism, 0.5 billion to energy, and 6.2 billion to trade  and services, 9.9 billion - in information technology. In general,  about 2 thousand jobs have been created in the region. In 2018, the  region plans to implement investment programs amounting to 66 billion  drams in such areas as industry, agriculture, tourism, etc., which  will make it possible to create another 2,100 new jobs.

Karen Karepetyan, speaking about the need to involve private business  in the projects, noted the need to consider the issue of  transferring, even free of charge, to the private sector of unused  property in order to implement specific investment programs and  create new jobs.

One of the priority directions of the region's development is  agriculture. The premier was informed that in 2017 the area of  greenhouses increased by 20 hectares. In 2018, it is planned to  increase the area of greenhouses to 115.4 hectares. In 2017, 200  hectares increased the area of intensive gardens, reaching a mark of  912 hectares. It is planned to bring these areas to 1137 hectares  this year.

Responsible persons reported that in the coming years it is planned  to annually increase the area of intensive gardens by 200-250  hectares. As a result of the steps taken in 2017, the area of  irrigated land increased by 5 thousand hectares. In 2018, this  indicator will be increased by another 12 thousand hectares,  resulting in an area of irrigated land will be 116 thousand hectares.  In this connection, the Prime Minister stressed that the state is  consistently following the way of settling the problem of expanding  irrigated lands, and it is necessary to take steps towards the  construction of private reservoirs. 

Karen Karapetyan was also informed that in 2018 another one will be  brought to the two breeding farms, and the livestock will be brought  up to 2070 from 1810. The Prime Minister noted that this year the  government will pay special attention to the issue of subsidizing  programs aimed at the development of livestock, since the country has  no problems with the market, given the existence of special trade  regimes with the EEA, the EU and Iran. In this context, the prime  minister urged those responsible for development in the field of  agriculture to develop and implement programs to increase the number  of breeding farms and increase this target in 2018. It was noted at  the meeting that in 2017 5,8bln AMD was invested from the state and  private sector in the development of agriculture, as a result of  which 400 new jobs were created.  In the current year, the volume of  investments will not change, and 450 more new jobs will be created.   In the sphere of industry in 2017, the region produced industrial  products worth 162 billion drams against 136 billion drams in 2016.  Over the past year, construction works worth 43 billion drams have  been realized in the Kotay region, which is 350% higher than in 2016.  The Premier stressed the importance of the development of the  construction sector, instructing to facilitate the procedure for  granting permits for construction work.

One of the priority directions of the region's development is the  sphere of tourism. Currently, there are 80 hotels and recreation  complexes in the region. In 2016 the region was visited by 420  thousand tourists, in 2017 this figure grew by 70 thousand, reaching  490 thousand.

Speaking about the indicators of the communities, Karapet Guloyan  reported that in 2017 the local authorities' own revenues increased  by 30% on average, amounting to 12.5 thousand drams per capita. In  2016, this figure was equal to 9.5 thousand drams. It is planned that  in 2018 the indicator of personal incomes of communities per capita  will be 15.7 thousand Drams. In the communities of the region, the  share of own income was 42.3% compared to 35.5% in 2016. It is  envisaged to bring this indicator to 46.7% this year.  In the  framework of the "Clean Armenia" project  165 landfills were closed.  In the current year, 9 more landfills will be closed. According to  the governor, 10 more landfills will be closed as a result of  construction of a garbage processing plant in Hrazdan. It was also  reported that in 2017, compared to 2016, an additional 57 million  drams or 297.1 million drams were collected from individuals for  garbage collection. This year this figure will be increased by 100  million drams. The amount of deductions for garbage collection by  legal entities has also increased. It is planned to collect 110  million drams collected in 2017 to raise 160 million drams in 2018.  According to the head of the region, in 2018, garbage collection  costs will amount to 579 million drams, and the collected funds will  be raised to 558 million drams.

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