Monday, February 19 2018 15:54
Naira Badalian

Since March 1, 2018 in Armenia, pharmacies will be obliged to release antibiotics, hormone and codeine- containing drugs only on prescription of a doctor

Since March 1, 2018 in Armenia, pharmacies will be obliged to release  antibiotics, hormone and codeine- containing drugs only on  prescription of a doctor

ArmInfo. Since March 1, 2018, a  new order for the dispensing of medicines has come into force in  Armenia. At the first stage, the new rules will concern antibiotics,  hormonal and codeine preparations, since July 1 - injecting and  antitumor drugs, and since October 1 - all other drugs included in  the prescription list of the Ministry of Health of Armenia. This was  stated by Deputy Minister of Health of Armenia Sergey Khachatryan on  February 19 at a press conference.

According to the Deputy Minister, many medications, including  antibiotics, have always been related to prescription drugs, which  should only be used as prescribed by the doctor. However, to this  day, the requirements were not met in full force. Citizens of the  country were steadily engaged in self-treatment, and pharmacists, for  lack of necessary knowledge and proper institution of responsibility,  simply implemented the goods available in the pharmacy. As a result,  quite often the most common cold was treated with the strongest  antibiotic, which led to greater resistance to a number of  antibiotics.

Currently, referring to the world experience, those responsible for  the sphere say - the strategy of preventing the spread of  antimicrobial resistance - to put the use of antibiotics under strict  control. In the pharmacy you need to present a prescription written  on the form. The Ministry of Health understands that it is  uncomfortable, unusual, takes time. But we must understand: the  uncontrolled use of medicines does more harm than good. In addition,  thanks to the new order, according to the Ministry of Health, an  institution of responsibility is being formed both for the doctor who  prescribed the prescription and for the pharmacist who releases the  drug.

The list of prescription drugs in Armenia today is wide and includes  funds from almost all medicinal groups - about 3470 names of  medicines. By the end of the year, 4723 medicines 3632 from the  registered in Armenia will be released solely on the prescription of  a doctor. Antibiotics - all prescription. The prescription list  includes such commonly used drugs as ibuprofen-asteria 400 mg  (anti-inflammatory drug), captopril (with 12.5 mg) and nolipreferfort  (pressure medication), eutirox (100 ?g), which is taken by the  majority of the population.

Whether the preparation is prescription or not, as the head of the  Center for Expertise of Drugs and Medical Equipment of the Ministry  of Health of Armenia Hakob Topchyan explained, is being resolved in  the process of its registration - this is also affected by the dose  of the drug. For example, ointments for external use up to 5% can be  over-the-counter, and above 5% - prescription. In this issue,  according to him, the WHO standards are the guidebook for the  Ministry of Health of Armenia. At the same time, as Hakob Topchyan  assured, the lists will be revised again, since purely technical  inaccuracies are not excluded.

Thus, henceforth it will be impossible to come to the pharmacy and  buy LF on the advice of the pharmacist.  At the same time, the  Ministry of Health does not pursue the goal of promoting or imposing  the goods of any firm - the prescription will indicate the active  substance of the recommended drug, and already in the pharmacy will  offer options in accordance with the financial capabilities of the  patient. For chronic patients, recipes are provided for reusable use,  which will be issued for a period of 6 months. The shelf life of the  recipes used depends on which medicine was prescribed - it can be  stored for up to 3 years. Until the end of 2018, will also work  "electronic pharmacy", which will have access to both the doctor  prescribing the drug, and the pharmacist who releases it. As far as  the pharmacies adhere to the established rules, the inspection bodies  of the Ministry of Health, including through control purchases, will  follow. For the sale of prescription drugs without the relevant  documents is facing a fine.

The Armenian Ministry of Health shares the concern that the new  regulations will lead to an increase in the flow of citizens to the  country's medical facilities. Nevertheless, on the assurance of those  responsible, we should not be afraid of clusters and queues, since  medical staff of hospitals and polyclinics have already been  acquainted with the new requirements. In addition, carrying out a  phased transition to the prescription principle of dispensing  medicines, the responsible spheres plan to avoid possible congestions  and misunderstandings in the system.

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