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Card2Card International Transfers - one of the major advantages of Converse Banks new Mobile application

 Wednesday, April 1 2020 14:41:00
Card2Card International Transfers - one of the major advantages of Converse Banks new Mobile application

ArmInfo.Converse Bank’s Card2Card service is available through the new Mobile application as well. The service enables cardholders of the Bank, as well as those of other ArCa member banks, to make transfers to Mastercard, Visa and ArCa payment cards which  are non-ArCa system members, as well as to foreign bank payment cards, at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Banks and insurance companies will receive the r to conduct general  meetings of shareholders remotely
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 14:15

ArmInfo. Banks and insurance companies will receive the right to conduct general meetings of shareholders remotely. The National Assembly of the Republic of  Armenia, at its meeting on March 31 in the second and final reading,  amended the laws "On Joint Stock Companies", "On Banks and Banking  Activities", "On Insurance and Insurance Activities".

has proposed member of Central Bank Board Martin  Galstyan  as candidate for new head of Central Bank
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 14:12

ArmInfo. CBA Board Member, Martin Galstyan  may  may become the new head of the Central Bank. As the ruling  parliamentary faction "My Step" told ArmInfo, the faction proposed  Martin Galstyan to be the new head of the Bank.

Stay home, make non-contact payments and transfers. The joint digital platform of IDBank and Idram is already a reality
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 12:37

ArmInfo.“Stay home, make non-contact payments and transfers”, say Idram and IDBank and introduce to the market a complete and unique toolset in the field of personal finance management, that sets a new benchmark in the financial market. With the slogan Wallet and banking, the joint digital platform of the two companies offers a set of services, which means you can make all your daily financial transactions without leaving home, which is especially important in the present situation.

Experts: Gradual devaluation of the Armenian dram is in line with  current realities
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 12:28

ArmInfo.Having overstepped the psychological mark  of 500 drams, the US dollar exchange rate in Armenia fully complies  with current market realities, thereby adequately responding to both  internal and external corrective factors, market participants  surveyed by ArmInfo say.

Commercial banks and insurance companies of Armenia will have  opportunity to conduct a general meeting of shareholders remotely
 Monday, March 30 2020 14:55

ArmInfo. Joint-stock companies, commercial banks and insurance companies will be able to conduct a general meeting of shareholders remotely. The RA National  Assembly at an extraordinary meeting on March 30 discusses amendments  to the laws "On Joint Stock Companies", "On Banks and Banking  Activities" and "On Insurance and Insurance Activities".

ADB considers possibilities of assistance to Armenia in conditions of  COVID-19 pandemic
 Friday, March 27 2020 18:10

ArmInfo.The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is considering the possibility of assisting Armenia in the conditions of the COVID-19 crisis. This became known during the meeting between the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol  Pashinyan and the Head of the ADB Armenian Office Paolo Spantigati.  This was reported by the press service of the government.

Ardshinbank to finance the purchase of food products for its 3300 retired clients
 Friday, March 27 2020 17:49

ArmInfo.Starting today, Ardshinbank, together with the SAS supermarket chain, will provide food for more than 870 pensioners aged 76 years and older. Also, Ardshinbank will provide financial assistance to more than 2,400 retirement age clients in all regions of the country.

Prime Minister: Volume of loan terms revised by Armenian commercial  banks amounts to about 200 billion drams
 Friday, March 27 2020 13:46

ArmInfo. From March 20 to this day, commercial banks of Armenia have revised the terms of loans of 96 thousand individuals and 3395 legal entities. The Prime Minister  of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan wrote about this on his  Facebook page.

Converse Bank has launched a new Mobile application
 Friday, March 27 2020 12:24

ArmInfo.Converse Bank has launched a new Mobile Banking App.  The app is simple, functional, and flexible. 

Fitch`s forecast for Armenian banks worsened to "negative"
 Friday, March 27 2020 11:33

ArmInfo. The spread of coronavirus and falling oil prices adversely affect banks. Russia and neighboring countries and may lead to a decrease in their  ratings, according to a comment by Fitch.

CBA: National Mortgage Company CJSC and Home For Youth CJSC announced  a six-month delay in mortgage payments
 Thursday, March 26 2020 15:30

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the National Mortgage Company CJSC and Home For Youth CJSC refinancing companies 0announced a deferral of mortgage payments for up to 6 months (i.e.  through September inclusive). According to the press service of the  Central Bank of Armenia, received by ArmInfo, these companies,  following the situation arising in connection with the spread of  coronavirus and aiming at assisting borrowers faced with financial  difficulties, took this step to temporarily exempt mortgage clients  from repaying the main loan amount.

Ardshinbank and the Black Sea trade and development bank have signed a usd 20 million loan agreement
 Thursday, March 26 2020 12:09

ArmInfo.The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) granted Ardshinbank the fifth loan in the amount of $ 20 million to finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Armenia. This deal demonstrates the close partnership between the  two banks and their common goal is to support the development of the  SME sector, Ardshinbank said in a statement.

Moodys has updated its credit opinion on Converse Bank
 Wednesday, March 25 2020 16:11

ArmInfo.Moody’s Investors Service international credit rating agency has published its credit opinion update on Converse Bank on March 25, 2020.

CBA revokes license of Varks AM for failure to comply with capital  requirements
 Wednesday, March 25 2020 13:25

ArmInfo.The Central Bank of Armenia revoked the license of the Universal Credit Company "VARX AM" ("VARKS AM" UKK) for failure to comply with the minimum capital requirement.

Regulator Condemns Attempts at Public Pressure on Financial  Institutions
 Wednesday, March 25 2020 11:51

ArmInfo.The Central Bank of Armenia condemns the attempts of public pressure from various citizens on financial institutions. As stated in the official  statement of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia, the  relationship between the creditor and the subject of lending is fixed  by the contract and regulated by the Civil Code of the Republic of  Armenia.

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank allocated 27 mln AMD to fight against coronavirus
 Tuesday, March 24 2020 13:38

ArmInfo.ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK has allocated 25 million AMD for prevention and treatment of a new type of coronavirus in Armenia. Of these, 2 million drams were donated exclusively by Bank employees.

Tigran Sargsyan appointed Deputy Chairman of EDB Board
 Monday, March 23 2020 14:54

ArmInfo. Tigran Sargsyan was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Development Bank. This was reported by the EDB press service.

Head of PAP: In an emergency situation, banks must freeze credit  liabilities for 3 months 
 Monday, March 23 2020 14:50

ArmInfo. Today, the country's economy is on the edge of the abyss, and it will be very difficult to restore. Head of the Prosperous Armenia Party, MP, entrepreneur Gagik  Tsarukyan stated this in an interview with reporters on March 23.  

WB approved granting Armenia a loan of 17.9 million euros for  additional financing of the "Social Investments and Local  Development"
 Monday, March 23 2020 10:39

ArmInfo. The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved the provision of a loan of 17.9 million euros to Armenia for additional financing of the program  "Social Investments and Local Development".

Arthur Stepanyan: The regulator has a wide enough toolset to protect  the foreign exchange market from shocks
 Friday, March 20 2020 16:01

ArmInfo.The Central Bank of Armenia, while remaining committed to a floating exchange rate policy, today has sufficiently high reserves and multilayer tools to  protect the foreign exchange market from any shocks. CBA Board member  Artur Stepanyan stated on March 20 during Armenian Unified  InfoCenter's  press conference , assuming that no shocks are expected  in the near future.


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