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Armenia plans to receive up to 7 million tourists by 2030

 Wednesday, February 26 2020 17:01:00
Armenia plans to receive up to 7 million tourists by 2030

ArmInfo. Armenia plans to receive up to 7 million tourists annually by 2030. Such a statement was made on February 26 by Susanna Safaryan, Chairperson of the State  Committee for Tourism of the RA Ministry of Economy.

SCPEC: Unfair competition remains the most common type of violation  in Armenia
 Friday, December 27 2019 15:13

ArmInfo.  Violation of generally accepted rules and norms of competition continues to be the most common type of violation in the economic activity of Armenia.   Chairman of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic  Competition of the Republic of Armenia (SCPEC) Gegham Gevorgyan  announced this on December 27.

Minister: Up to 50% of schools in Armenia and Artsakh are equipped  with "Armath" laboratories
 Friday, December 27 2019 14:51

ArmInfo. Today, up to 50% of schools in Armenia and Artsakh are equipped with Armath laboratories. This was announced by RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and  Sports Arayik Harutyunyan at a December 27 press conference.

SRC of Armenia calls on employers to refrain from using the  preferential tax system for micro-business enterprises for other  goals
 Friday, December 27 2019 13:04

ArmInfo. The State Revenue Committee of Armenia calls on employers to refrain from using the preferential tax system for micro-business enterprises for other  purposes.

In Yerevan in November 2019 apartment prices rose by 13.7% per annum 
 Thursday, December 26 2019 17:51

ArmInfo. The average market value of real estate in multi- apartment buildings of Yerevan in November 2019 increased by 13.7% per annum, amounting to 333.7  thousand drams / 1 sq. m. This is evidenced by the data of the State  Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre of RA.

Central Bank forecast: The direct impact of the Amulsar mine  development on growth of GDP potential is estimated at 1-1.6%
 Thursday, December 26 2019 17:44

ArmInfo. The direct impact on the growth of GDP potential of the resumption of construction of the Amulsar mine in 2020 is estimated at 1-1.6%, and taking into account indirect effects, the stimulating effect will be higher.

Head of the SRC: Revenue item of the state budget in 2019 will be  exceeded by 101 billion AMD
 Thursday, December 26 2019 13:26

ArmInfo.The revenue part of the state budget of Armenia in 2019 will be overfulfilled by 101 billion drams. This was announced on December 26 by the Chairman of  the State Revenue Committee of the Republic of Armenia David Ananyan.

Head of the CBA: Armenia`s international reserves reached an  unprecedented level of $ 2.7 billion
 Thursday, December 26 2019 12:57

ArmInfo. Armenia's international reserves reached an unprecedented level of $ 2.7  billion. Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia Artur Javadyan  stated this at a meeting of the Government of Armenia on December 26.

RA Prime Minister: That ideology, laid as basis for economic growth,  really works
 Thursday, December 26 2019 12:46

ArmInfo."We are closing the year 2019 with a good mood," RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated at a meeting of the Armenian government on December 26.

Minister: GDP growth of at least 7.5% will be ensured at year-end 
 Thursday, December 26 2019 12:45

ArmInfo. GDP growth of at least 7.5%2will be ensured in Armenia in 2019. This forecast was made by the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Tigran  Khachatryan on December 26 at a meeting of the RA Government.

In Armenia, growth of economic activity over  11 months of 2019  accelerated from 5.7% to 7.5% 
 Wednesday, December 25 2019 18:35

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the growth of economic activity in January-November 2019 accelerated to 7.5% from 5.7% for 11 months of 2018. The growth drivers were the  service sector, industrial sector and trade, against the backdrop of  a modest rise in the construction sector and a decline in the energy  sector. According to preliminary data of the Statistical Committee of  the Republic of Armenia, in November 2019 alone there was a decline  of 8.5% with ay-o-y increase of 10.1%, while a year earlier the  November decline was 10.3% with a y-o-y increase of 3.6%.

According to updated forecast of CBA, in 2019 unemployment rate will  drop to 18.9%
 Wednesday, December 25 2019 18:33

ArmInfo.According to the updated forecast of the Central Bank of Armenia, in 2019 the unemployment rate will be 18.9%, with a subsequent y-o-y decline in  the medium term by 0.2-0.5 pp to 17.3%. This forecast is given in the  Central Bank's Monetary Policy program published at the end of  December for the Q4 of 2019, which also noted an improvement in the  forecast for GDP growth for 2019 - 7-7.3% (against the previous  6.7-7, 2%).

PSRC: In the near future, Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC will  present the results of the audit in order to study the company`s  investment program
 Wednesday, December 25 2019 15:42

ArmInfo. In the near future, Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC will present the results of the audit in order to study the company's investment program and its  possible impact on the tariff component. This was announced on  December 25 at the final press conference by the head of the PSRC  Garegin Baghramyan.

PSRC: In 2020, the water tariff for consumers in Armenia will remain  at the same level as in 2019
 Wednesday, December 25 2019 15:40

ArmInfo. In 2020, the water tariff for consumers in Armenia will remain at the same level as in 2019. This was announced on December 25 at a meeting with reporters  by the Chairman of the Commission for Regulation of Public Services  (PSRC) Garegin Baghramyan.

PSRC: International Energy Corporation CJSC may be fined  10 mln AMD
 Wednesday, December 25 2019 15:36

ArmInfo.International Energy Corporation (IEC) CJSC may be fined  10 mln drams by the decision of the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC).  Chairman of the PSRC  of RA Garegin Baghramyan announced this on  December 25 at a press conference in Yerevan.

Artak Kamalyan spoke about the reasons for the long lasting decline  in the agricultural sector
 Tuesday, December 24 2019 20:25

ArmInfo."The long lasting decline registered in the Armenian agriculture has a number of reasons," Deputy Economy Minister Artak Kamalyan told reporters  during a December 24 press conference.

Ministry of Economy: Decline in apricot crop negatively affected  agricultural exports
 Tuesday, December 24 2019 19:49

ArmInfo. As of December 1, the export of agricultural products (fresh and canned) amounted to  141.2 thousand tons, slightly declining year on year due to a decrease in the apricot crop. Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Artak Kamalyan announced this on December 24 during a press conference.

Artak Kamalyan: The development of institutional capacities will be  in the focus of the agricultural strategy of Armenia for 2020-2022
 Tuesday, December 24 2019 19:48

ArmInfo. The difference in the strategies for the development of rural economy of Armenia,  prepared in different years, with the document available today is that the emphasis is on creating institutional opportunities for farmers, and not on financing mechanisms. Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Artak Kamalyan announced this on December  24 during the final press conference.

RA Prime Minister:" Metexim" company continues the process of  liberating Armenia from garbage
 Tuesday, December 24 2019 19:47

ArmInfo. Metexim Company introduced a new technology for collecting unused car bodies and  continues the process of liberating Armenia from garbage. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

Premier: As of December 23, Government budget of Armenia has been  over-executed by $ 185 million in 2019
 Tuesday, December 24 2019 19:46

ArmInfo. As of December 23, the Government budget of Armenia has been over-executed by 89 billion drams ($ 185 million) in 2019. Armenian Prime Minister NikolPashinyan  wrote on his Facebook page.  "That is, we had so much more tax  revenues in 2019 than forecasted. 

Hrant Bagratyan: the policy of the Armenian authorities will lead not  to an economic revolution, but to an economic cemetery
 Tuesday, December 24 2019 16:57

ArmInfo.. The policy of the Armenian authorities will lead not to an economic revolution, but to  an economic cemetery. Former Prime Minister of Armenia, economist Hrant Bagratyan, holds a similar view.


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