The real effective exchange rate of the dram in August fell by 0.6%,  with an annual growth of 2.4%

 Sunday, October 18 2020 23:36:00
The real effective exchange rate of the dram in August fell by 0.6%,  with an annual growth of 2.4%

ArmInfo. In August 2020, the real effective exchange rate of the dram to the basket of currencies of the states - the main trading partners of Armenia decreased by  0.6%, and the nominal effective exchange rate - by 0.3%, thereby  fixing a slight weakening of the national currency.

UBA: Armenian banking system will successfully cope with all the  difficulties of the post-coronavirus period
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 18:31

ArmInfo.n. The last month of the first quarter of 2020 coincided with the beginning of the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which could not but affect the indicators of the banking system of  Armenia, development trends, and the economy as a whole.  

"Energy" - from DBank to SME’s
 Friday, May 22 2020 15:44

ArmInfo.IDBank will help to increase energy efficiency and expand the use of alternative energy.

Assets of Armenian banking system approach $ 12 billion
 Wednesday, May 20 2020 20:24

ArmInfo. The assets of the banking system of Armenia slowed down annual growth from 16.1% to 15.3%, amounting to 5.9 trillion drams ($ 11.7 billion) as of April 1, 2020.  According to the Express-Ranking of Banks of Armenia, prepared by ArmInfo IC, in their structure credit investments and other loans  reached 3.8 trillion drams ($ 7.5 billion), with annual growth  accelerating from 16.2% to 20.4%.

Armenian banking system increased net profit for the I quarter of  2020 by 40% per annum
 Wednesday, May 20 2020 20:19

ArmInfo. The banking system of Armenia increased its net profit in the first quarter of 2020 by 40% per annum to 23.3 billion drams ($ 46.3 million), while a year earlier a subsidence of 17.4% was recorded.

The prices of precious metals registered growth after decline in  Armenia
 Wednesday, May 20 2020 16:48

ArmInfo.The prices of precious metals registered growth after decline in Armenia. So, in the current week, prices for precious metals increased on average by 2.6% against the 1.5% decline in the previous week.

Artak Manukyan: There is a need to publish data on overdue loan  obligations of officials
 Tuesday, May 19 2020 14:01

ArmInfo. Artak Manukyan, Deputy Chairperson of the RA NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs, considers it appropriate to publish data on overdue loan obligations of Armenian officials. He stated this during a meeting of the Committee on May 19.

IMF allocates $ 280 million to Armenia to fight COVID-19 
 Tuesday, May 19 2020 10:32

ArmInfo. The Board of Directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) decided yesterday to allocate Armenia $ 280 million to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Economic Information Agency reports citing the fund's press  service.

Order IDBank cards online and get a free delivery
 Monday, May 18 2020 13:06

ArmInfo.Given the current situation and pursuing the goal to save customers’ time, IDBank, from now on, will provide a free delivery of cardsin Yerevan, ordered online through the platform or Idram application, as well as in the branches of the Bank.

S&P forecasts 2% drop in GDP in Armenia in 2020
 Saturday, May 16 2020 21:18

ArmInfo.S&P predicts a 2% drop in GDP in Armenia in 2020, against an actual growth of 7.6% in 2019. And in 2021, according to S&P expectations, Armenia's GDP will grow by 4.9%. 

Ameriabank placed dram bonds ahead of schedule and will launch  another tranche on the market the other day
 Wednesday, May 13 2020 19:14

ArmInfo.Ameriabank placed AMD 5 billion dram bonds ahead of schedule and immediately prepared the next AMD tranche in the same amount for placement.

The inflow of private transfers to Armenia in the I quarter of 2020  fell by 16% and will continue to fall
 Wednesday, May 13 2020 18:23

ArmInfo. The inflow of private transfers of individuals to Armenia turned the annual dynamics in the first quarter of 2020 towards a 9.7% decline from the 9.3% growth in  the first quarter of 2019, amounting to $ 353.6 million in absolute  terms.

HSBC Armenia to donate computers to students in vulnerable communities  
 Wednesday, May 13 2020 13:39

ArmInfo."HSBC Bank Armenia" CJSC (HSBC Armenia) will donate 150 sets of computer workstations to students in socially vulnerable communities in Armenia to support their remote learning needs amidst COVID-19 and beyond. The workstations will be given to HSBC Armenia's charity partner Jinishian Memorial Foundation, which will help identify and select the final beneficiaries and distribute the workstations to them.

Gold prices in Armenia break a bullish trend
 Tuesday, May 12 2020 16:56

ArmInfo.Precious metals in Armenia continue to get cheaper, while gold prices managed to break the bullish trend. So, this week, prices for precious metals have  accelerated the pace of the weekly decline from 0.7% to 1.5%. 

Ardshinbank Named BEST BANK IN ARMENIA 2020 by Global Finance
 Tuesday, May 12 2020 12:18

ArmInfo.Ardshinbank has received the Best Bank in Armenia 2020 award from Global Finance magazine. This prestigious award affirms the Bank's outstanding digital channels, innovative business approach and strong financial performance.

Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia lowered the standard of  capital adequacy from 10% to 9%
 Monday, May 11 2020 21:42

ArmInfo. The Council of the Central Bank of Armenia decided to reduce the capital adequacy ratio of banks (N1 / 1 - the minimum ratio of fixed capital to risk-weighted assets - Ed.) By one percentage point - to 9%. The current standard for  total capital adequacy (N1 / 2 - the ratio of total capital to  risk-weighted assets) is maintained at the level of at least 12%.

IDBank prolongs credit vacation until the 1st of June
 Monday, May 11 2020 19:09

ArmInfo.During this period, in case of non-fulfillment or partial fulfillment of the regular loan repayments, the loan will not be classified, will not be considered overdue, penalties, fines will not be applied, the credit history will not suffer.

Wide range of options of money transfers through  the new Mobile Application of Converse Bank
 Monday, May 11 2020 16:42

ArmInfo. Converse Bank’s new Mobile application allows you to make domestic and international money transfers by following just a few simple steps. Mobile transfers can be performed with  passport/ID data, Card2Card transfers to payment cards of foreign banks, SWIFT transfers, other. Accordingly, the transfer options can be easily accommodated to your needs even with limited information about the recipient.

Tavush`s organic tea producers started export to third-country  markets with the support of ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank
 Monday, May 11 2020 13:48

ArmInfo.As part of the joint program of ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank and NABU (German Conservation and Biodiversity Union), "Darman" tea, produced in the Tavush region, received a certificate of organic production. According to the press  service of the ACBA-Credit Agricole bank, the producer of organic  <Darman> tea Gnel Nazanyan is already exporting his production to the  markets of the Russian Federation, the USA and France.

Government allocated 70.3 billion AMD as part of anti-crisis measures
 Monday, May 11 2020 10:55

ArmInfo. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan reported on the progress in implementing anti-crisis measures developed by the government to mitigate the socio- economic  consequences of the coronavirus.

The average annual return on assets of RF Amundi-ACBA Asset  Management is at a fairly high level - in the range of 8.7-9.1%
 Friday, May 8 2020 16:53

ArmInfo. The average annual return on assets by type of funds managed by RF Amundi-AKBA Asset Management is at a fairly high level - within 8.7-9.1% (from the  moment of creation).



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