Vahan Kerobyan: If nothing interferes, the activity of the Amulsar  mine will be resumed 
 Tuesday, March 22 2022, 22:00

ArmInfo. If nothing interferes, the activity of the Amulsar gold mine will be resumed,  Armenian Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan said in an interview with  RFE/RL's Armenian Service , referring to the department's program of  measures, which contains a provision on resolving the "Amulsar issue".

Economist: The Armenian government does not know what to do with the  program for the development of the Amulsar gold mine.
 Friday, January 29 2021, 16:05

ArmInfo.  The Armenian  government does not know what to do with the program for the  development of the Amulsar gold mine. Armenian economist Ashot  Tavadyan stated this on January 29 during the video bridge  Moscow-Bishkek-Yerevan-Minsk-Nur-Sultan.

The inflow of foreign investments into the Armenian economy has  dropped significantly
 Tuesday, January 19 2021, 15:33

ArmInfo. The volume of total foreign investment (all types and forms of investment - ed. note) in the real sector of the Armenian economy in January-September 2020  compared to the same period of 2019 decreased by 32% (against 27.1%  growth a year earlier), amounting to $ 1.5 billion in 9 months of  2020.

RA Prime Minister: As for Amulsar, the RA Government`s priority is a  balanced approach
 Wednesday, September 16 2020, 18:24

ArmInfo. On September 16, Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received Member of Lydian Canada Ventures Board of Directors Geoffrey Coach  and Managing  Director of Lydian Armenia Hayk Aloyan.

US Department of State on Armenia`s Investment Climate: A Critical  Look
 Friday, September 11 2020, 16:38

ArmInfo.  The US Department of State has presented  an overview of the state of the investment climate in Armenia ''2020  Investment Climate Statements: Armenia''. Analysts of the Department  of State in addition to the achievements aimed at improving this  area, a review of the legal economic framework, have identified the  weaknesses of the investment climate that do not facilitate the  foreign direct investment (FDI).

Vahagn Khachatryan: We should not expect large investments in the  Armenian economy until the relations in the region are normalized
 Wednesday, September 2 2020, 19:17

ArmInfo.After the coronavirus crisis, changes in the way the government works and the establishment of institutions, investments in the Armenian economy  will increase. Economist Vahagn Khachatryan stated this on September  2 during a press conference. However, he noted that large investments  should not be expected until peace is established in the region.

Lydian Armenia is ready for dialogue exclusively within the framework  of the law
 Tuesday, September 1 2020, 14:24

ArmInfo. Lydian Armenia is ready for dialogue exclusively within the framework of the law. The company reports, that from September 1 in the area of the Amulsar  field the security services changed due to the expiration of the  contract with the previous security service.

Tigran Avinyan: If the draft EIA for Amulsar does not meet the  criteria, then it should be declared invalid
 Wednesday, August 12 2020, 17:36

ArmInfo. If the draft EIA  (environmental impact assessment) for the Amulsar project does not  meet the criteria, then it should be declared invalid. Deputy Prime  Minister of the Republic of Armenia Tigran Avinyan stated this on  August 12 from the parliamentary rostrum.

EBRD completes its participation in Amulsar gold mine development  project
 Wednesday, August 12 2020, 17:33

ArmInfo.The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) today announced the  completion of its participation in the development of the Amulsar  gold mine, the construction of which has been blocked by  environmental activists and residents of nearby communities for about  two years.

 Wednesday, July 1 2020, 16:45


Lydian Armenia changes security company servicing Amulsar mine 
 Tuesday, June 30 2020, 14:59

ArmInfo. Lydian Armenia  announced the change of the company engaged in ensuring the safety of  the Amulsar mine development project. This was said in a statement.

EBRD representative believes government should decide on Amulsar  project
 Thursday, January 30 2020, 19:30

ArmInfo. Regarding the situation around Lydian Armnia, the government of Armenia must take its decision. This was stated by Dmitri Gvindadze, Head of the  Armenian office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and  Development (EBRD) at a press conference on January 30.

Shares of Lydian International to be delisted from Toronto Stock  Exchange on February 5
 Thursday, January 30 2020, 18:21

ArmInfo. On February 5, Lydian International shares will complete the delisting process and cease to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This is stated in  the official message of the company, received by ArmInfo.

Prime Minister: As long as the road to the Amulsar mine is closed,  the issue will not be resolved
 Saturday, January 25 2020, 15:39

ArmInfo. I urge the citizens of Armenia to open the road leading to the Amulsar mine. This was announced on January 25 at a press conference by Prime Minister of  Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

RAEX-Europe confirmed Armenia`s ratings at `BB-` with outlook  "Positive"
 Thursday, January 16 2020, 14:53

ArmInfo. Rating-Agentur Expert RA confirmed the  sovereign government credit rating (SGC) of Armenia at 'BB-'  (Sufficient level of creditworthiness of the government) in national  currency and at 'BB-' (Sufficient level of creditworthiness of the  government) in foreign currency.

Lydian Armenia paid over 930 000 USD to local communities
 Thursday, December 12 2019, 13:21

ArmInfo. Lydian Armenia has paid over 930 000 USD to local communities in land rent payments, the statement of the company received by ArmInfo reads.

UMBA: Suspension of Amulsar project will harm investment rating of  Armenia
 Thursday, September 12 2019, 16:53

ArmInfo. The suspension of the Amulsar project will definitely harm the investment rating of Armenia, since the mining industry should be predictable in the first  place. This is stated in the official statement of the Union of  Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia (UMBA).

Atom Janjughazyan does not see any risks related to possible  suspension of Amulsar mine development
 Thursday, August 22 2019, 16:03

ArmInfo.Armenian Minister of Finance Atom Janjughazyan does not see any risks related to budget execution and deviations from macroeconomic forecasts in case of  suspension of Amulsar mine development. This was stated by the  Minister on August 22 after a government meeting.

EDB: The Government of Armenia quickly established an investment  dialogue with Russia and the EAEU
 Tuesday, August 6 2019, 14:29

ArmInfo.After the political situation in Armenia stabilized, the country's leadership took active measures to improve the investment attractiveness of the republic and  intensified international contacts with many countries of the world.  This is stated in the report ''Main Trends in Armenia's Integration  Development in 2018'', prepared by the Center for Integration Studies  of the Directorate for Analytical Work of the EDB.

 Wednesday, June 12 2019, 15:15


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