Wednesday, July 12 2017 15:51
Karine Melikyan

Initial placement of AMD bonds in ArmSwissBank successfully completed before the scheduled time

ArmInfo. The initial placement of nominal coupon AMD bonds of 2 billion AMD was successfully completed on July 10 - 4 days earlier than planned. The placed bonds were purchased by both local and foreign legal entities, including Armenian banks and private investors.

According to the Bank's press service, after July 14, the application will be submitted to Nasdaq OMX Armenia for listing. In the secondary market, Ameriabank and ARARATBANK will act as market-makers of these securities. Term of circulation of AMD bonds of Armswissbank is set at 4 years, and coupon yield is 12.75%. Coupon payments, as well as in previous issues, are provided once a quarter.

The press service of the Bank told ArmInfo, explaining that the term of circulation of AMD bonds is set at 4 years, and the yield on the coupon is 12.75%. Coupon payments, as well as in previous issues, are provided once a quarter. According to the source, the fact that on the first day of the open subscription (on June 15 of this year) it was possible to place more than 30% of the volume of emissions testifies to the high demand for ArmSwissbank's bonds.

To note, at present three coupon bonds of Armswissbank are listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia, and all of them are USD. Three tranches were issued on February 13, 2015, but the first two lists were listed on May 5, 2015, and the third on May 13, 2015. The volume of the first tranche was $ 2 million, the second - $ 3 million, the third - $ 5 million. The circulation period of the first one is 3 years, the second - 4 years, the third - 5 years. The yield on the first tranche coupon is 7.5%, the second - 8%, the third - 8.5%, with quarterly interest payment on the coupon. Three tranches are listed on the "Bbond" exchange list. In total, on June 19, 2017, NASDAQ OMX Armenia listed 32 issues of corporate bonds of 11 issuers. Of these, 20 issuing (including 16 USD) were made by 7 issuing banks: Araratbank, Ameriabank, Armswissbank, Armbusinessbank, Anelik Bank, Unibank and Converse Bank.

To recall, "Armswissbank" CJSC was established on October 7, 2004 by Vardan Sirmakes who is the founder, owner and executive director of the world-famous Swiss watch factory "Franck Muller Watchland", whose representative office operates in Armenia.  Armswissbank, Armenia's leading bank for the provision of services for the issuance of securities, a market maker and depository services, is an active participant in the primary and secondary securities markets. Since 2006, the bank acts as an agent of the government in the primary market of government bonds. The holding company "HVS Holding" LLC, managed by Vardan Sirmakes and registered in Luxembourg, became the holder of 80% of Armswissbank's shareholding since March 10, 2016 and the remaining 20% - from the end of 2013 the company "BELEGINGSMACHEPIJ JONGO" LLC, registered in Holland and controlled by Vardan Sirmakes.

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