Tuesday, December 19 2017 19:09
Naira Badalian

The Government of the Republic of Armenia is already on the verge of compulsory insurance against the loss of agricultural land

The Government of the Republic of Armenia is already on the verge of  compulsory insurance against the loss of agricultural land

ArmInfo. The sale of insurance  policies in the field of insurance against Armenia can be started in  2018 or 2019 at the start of the season. Armament, said the Armenian  community of Armenia Armen Harutyunyan on December 19 at a press  conference. The total subsidization program in the video surcharge is  10 million euros.

At this time, as the representative of theAgriculture, a program is  being subsidized by the anti-Grod plant, which will earn in 2018.  Parallel programming of the  agroinsurance  program is implemented.

Armen Harutyunyan said that the KFW German bank will allocate a grant  of 5.3 million euros to the implementation of the pilot program on  insurance  in the field of agriculture. About 4.8 million euros will  be directed exclusively to subsidize the purchase of insurance  policies. The rest of the money will go to 515 euros for coverings,  linked with consulting. The Government of Armenia has provided a ? 5  million loan to the Armenian Ministry of Agriculture. The Climate  Investment Funds also provide 2 million euros, from which 200 euros  will be channeled to subsidizing the insurance policies.

Consulting, as the representative of the Minselhoz, is expected to  reach a consortium of three companies - MF Strategy from Switzerland,  the South American Agro Micro Finance and Italian Agro Insurance  Europe. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Republic  of Armenia is planning a pilot project on agro capitalization in  Armenia in 2018, with the National Bureau of NARMA agribusiness  planning in the framework of the National Agroinsurance Risk  Management Agency. The Bureau, on the words of Harutyunian, will be  instrumental in choosing a wise appraisal of naturalistic ecological  concerns.  The bureaucracy was created by the institute 's  apprenticeships, and the basements were funded by basic insurance.  NARMA is also contributing to the development of insurance products.  Here, as the landlord admits, the Armenian side will also focus on  the Lithuanian Breed, where German insurance companies will provide  insurance for 12% of agricultural production, which produces the  production of wastewater.  As stated by Harutyunyan, the insurance  will go to welding and gourmet products.

The crushed rockets will be able to step on step by step, and will be  able to activate the gradient, as well as possible, from frostbite  and stroke. Creating a Bureau, Recruiting and Formation of the  Institute of Appraisers, Developing Subsoil Accounts and Consulting  Services Companies will cost 1.9 million euros.  "If it is up to us  to finish all the planned work by the Bureau, and also to develop the  corresponding law, we will be able to sell insurance policies in the  sphere of insurance against the Armenian crisis, and start the 2019  2018 or 2019," Harutyunyan.

In 2014, the concept of agro capitalization for Armenia and Georgia  KfW has been more than 400 thousand. euro. Today, tell me  the  results of the work, completed in September 2015, and the consulting  firm BFC Armen Harutyunyan said that it was have been disclosed to  insurance brokers, and are also offered in a cost effective way - by  indexed or otherwise valued at the end of the preceding period. There  is also a recommendation that any statutory act will not be able to  apply for agroinsurance . The only thing you can do is to have a  system of support for the system - the state subsidy, the voluntary  insurance or the obligatory insurance. There are also companies that  are stuck in the system of firefighters.

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