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RA Prime Minister: 2021 should be the year of restoration of our  economic ambitions

 Friday, January 15 2021
RA Prime Minister: 2021 should be the year of restoration of our  economic ambitions

ArmInfo.2021 should be the year of recovery of the economic ambitions of the Armenian government.  RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced on January  15 at a meeting dedicated to macroeconomic indicators for 2022.


Over 724 thousand subscribers connected to the gas distribution  network of Armenia

ArmInfo. As of January 1,  2021, 724 721 subscribers are connected to the gas distribution  network of Armenia, of which 387 885 are in multi-apartment  residential buildings (apartments), 336 836 are in private houses.  This was reported by the press service of "Gazprom Armenia" CJSC.

Maximum volume of natural gas injected at Abovyan UGS

ArmInfo. The maximum volume  of natural gas was injected at the Abovyan underground gas storage  (UGS) station in accordance with its design capacity. This was  reported by the press service of "Gazprom Armenia" CJSC.

Minister: By the end of the year, inflation in Armenia will not  exceed 2-2.5%
Expert: There is an increase in prices for basic necessities in  Armenia

Finance and banks

The Central Bank of Armenia imposed penalty against the credit  company "MOGO"

ArmInfo. The Central Bank of Armenia applied a penalty against the universal credit company "MOGO" LLC ("MOGO") for the amount to be returned. This is stated in the  message of the press service of the Central Bank, where it is  indicated that the audit was carried out by the Department of the  Central Bank of the RA for financial supervision and licensing.  

Ameriabank to launch another tranche of AMD bonds amounting to 5  billion on January 19

ArmInfo. On January 19, Ameriabank will start placing the next AMD tranche of registered, coupon and non-documentary bonds in the amount of 5 billion AMD. This  is indicated in the issue prospectus of this issue posted on the  website of the Central Bank of Armenia, according to which the  placement is planned to be completed on February 26, 2021.

AMX will update its software with the support of EDB
Central Bank of Armenia predicts higher state budget deficit for 2020  - 6.2% of GDP


All-Armenian Fund "Hayastan" will donate $ 1.1 million to the  Military Insurance Fund

ArmInfo.The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund will transfer $ 1.1 million from the amount  transferred within the framework of the fundraising campaign "We and  Our Borders" to the Military Insurance Fund. The press service of the  Hayastan All-Armenian Fund reports.

FinRating ArmInfo: The number of contracts on tourism and cargo  transportation declines in the insurance market

ArmInfo.According to the results of 9 months of 2020, the corporate component dominates in the premium portfolios of Armenian insurers - 50.9% (AMD 17.2 billion),  while the retail component accounts for 49.1% (AMD 16.6 billion),  against 49.7% and 50, 3% respectively a year earlier.

The insurance sector of Armenia transferred $ 3.2 million to the  state treasury for taxes in 9 months of 2020
Membership in international Green Card system and broad cooperation  within CIS countries -these are the goals of Armenian Motor Insurers`  Bureau

Facility for reductive annealing of reactor of Armenian NPP is ready  for operation

ArmInfo. The activities on assembling the facility for recovery annealing of the ANPP Unit 2 reactor vessel metal have been completed.  These activities were  performed by the specialists of the Novovoronezhatomenergoremont  company of the Russian Federation.    

Minister: Despite the existing obstacles, large-scale programs and  reforms in the energy sector continue

ArmInfo.Power Engineer's day is celebrated in Armenia today.

An industrial solar power plant with a capacity of 200 megawatts to  be built in Armenia
Armenia significantly increased imports of liquefied gas


Installation of international fiber-optic communication lines from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan – on the way to the establishment of informational bridge among the countries of the world

ArmInfo.The installation of international fiber-optic communication lines and transit flows on route Ymamnazar (Turkmenistan) – Aqina (Afghanistan) and Serhetabat (Turkmenistan) - Torghundi (Afghanistan),  has also took place during the inauguration ceremony of electric power transmission line along Kerki – Sheberghan route and the 30 km long railway line between Aqina-Andkhoy stations today.

Beeline sales and service offices will work on a special schedule  during the New Year holidays

ArmInfo.Beeline wishes its subscribers a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, and informs that the company's sales and service offices will work on a special  schedule during the New Year holidays.

Philip Morris has invested about $ 10 million to create a research  center at the National Polytechnic University of Armenia
The new television company Telecom Armenia, brother Yesayan intends  to make new quality in the telecommunications sector in Armenia

Real estate

In the regions of Armenia, 59% of transactions for the purchase and  sale of real estate fall on land, despite a significant decline in  activity

ArmInfo.In the regions of Armenia, in November 2020, 1,874 transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate were carried out, which is 43.7% lower than a  year ago, and 28% less than in October 2020.

In Yerevan, transactions for the purchase and sale of apartments have  significantly decreased, with a miserable decrease in prices

ArmInfo. A total of 8,654 real estate transactions were carried out in Armenia in November 2020, which is 50.4% less than a year ago, with a decline of 29.7%  over the month.

Apartment prices in Yerevan are falling, while the number of  transactions is growing
Land remains the most attractive asset in the regions of Armenia

ArmInfo. Freight traffic in Armenia in January-November 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, increased by 1.9% - to 13 523.7 thousand tons (against a 50.7%  decline a year earlier). This is evidenced by the data of the RA  Statistical Committee.  According to statistics, of the total volume,  65.9% or 8 921.3 thousand tons falls on road transport, which is 2.5%  more than a year ago.

ArmInfo.. In the trade sector of Armenia, the turnover in January-November 2020 against the same period of 2019 decreased by 13.5% (against growth by 9.2% a year  earlier), amounting to 2.5 trillion. drams ($ 5.1 billion). According  to the RA Statistical Committee, in November 2020 alone, the trade  turnover in Armenia increased by 1% (after a 13.4% decline in  October), amounting to 240.8 billion drams ($ 482 million).

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